Wednesday, 17 February 2016

VBAC when a Uterus Ruptures

It took me some time to decide if I should write this post, but my overwhelming feeling is I need to share what happened to me. I hope that I can raise awareness of VBAC and the very rare chance of a uterus rupturing.

I have had three children the first OEP was born via section at 42 weeks due to a missed breach, infact I never went into labour. ATM was successfully naturally delivered as they say by VBAC. Then we had ZAP......

I happily opted for VBAC the second time, I have two children and the last thing I needed was a section meaning I could not drive or lift for 6 weeks. I was told I was classed as high risk, in fact it was written on all my notes and would be carefully monitored at all times during labour.

So two weeks before my due date I woke in the middle of the night feeling rough and was violently ill. I could not get back to sleep due to the most terrible pain in my right hand side and back. I thought the pain in my side was from being so violently ill that I had pulled something, and by the morning the backache turned into contractions. We phoned the hospital and I was admitted into the day unit for monitoring. 

I was still experiencing the constant pain in my back and side, the midwife thought maybe back to back and asked the delivery suite for a scan, but they were too busy and it was refused. This situation continued throughout Wednesday into Thursday and Friday, I was a total mess. Despite the labour not progressing the pain was almost out of control, I could not lie down due to the pain and the need to  monitor the baby. I can not put into words how awful that was, after a few mins I ripped off the monitor while ringing my emergency bell and retreating to the comfort of the birthing ball. The reason for not being moved to the delivery suite was because the sister hospital was not accepting patients and they were all coming to us I was not in labour so had to wait.

Finally on the Friday night I got the word and was taken to the delivery suite, with the prospect of the hormone drip to get this baby moving. I was shattered having not slept or eaten for three days and I was still only at 2cm, despite the constant pain. The "Rachel from Friends" scene playing over in my mind, wanting to shout "2cm". The midwife did one final sweep and told me I was back to back, this was the moment I broke down and could not take anymore. Then the words that will haunt me were uttered "I could back out and have a section". BACK OUT I have been in agony for days, a scan on the first day would have proved the baby was back to back and a section is classed as backing out. I felt a failure, humiliated, sad and ultimately angry all at once.

I opted for the section, the thought of hours more labour was something I knew my body could not cope with  physically or mentally. Also a word with the midwife that maybe her use of that term was not helpful then received a full apology. My section was approved and I could finally see the end. 

Baby ZAP was born, hearing his first quiet cry then the loud roar and knowing he was OK, my heart skipped a beat. The joy of my darling baby boy in my arms melted the last few days away. But I could not help but notice everyone was rather concerned at the birth and phone calls to a surgeon had been made and a lot of talk about blood loss. The wonderful anaesthetist stroked my hair and kept me calm as I asked if all was OK. The surgeon arrived, I knew it was not good if I had a "Mr" called into deal with the situation. I could only hear this reassuring voice as he was shown whatever the problem was and the words he is going to scrub up. The next thing I was aware of was waking up, I had no idea where I was, what was going on or even that I had a baby, slowly it came back to me along with the question what the hell had happened.

I could do nothing,my husband was looking after OEP as his diabetes needed his attention and my amazing mum and sister looked after me and the baby. I have to admit now I was a mess, crying and on another planet, breast feeding went out of the window I had not the patience nor milk. I am being totally honest about the mental state I was in at this time. All I could think about was what if....

Then I was moved to a side room, oh the joy I could slightly move and was in less pain. I had some sleep as it was quiet and we started ZAP on a bottle. My drain and catheter were removed, I have been through all that pain yet the feeling of the drain being removed still makes me shudder. A shower to wash away the last few days and then the joys of my body settling back down the odd noises from my tummy and of course the wind!!! I was a real delight.

On arriving home I collapsed into my family the tears still came mainly in the shower where again my brain went into overdrive but they got less and the black cloud that was above me rose slightly.

The facts came out, when they went to preform the section they discovered my previous section had ruptured and was bleeding. I lost a lot of blood and they needed an experienced surgeon to sew up the rupture as it was complicated. I lay there in total shock, but "what happened if I had gone for the hormone drip" I asked? Their faces told the story with out words. So that was the pain in my side the whole time? I felt myself take a long breath my brain leaping into action which I wished it had not done.

Finally the miracle that is three units of blood arrived and the transfusion started, to all those people that give blood thank you from the bottom of my heart it saved me in every way.

The reason I decided to write this was, I want anyone considering VBAC to be fully aware of the symptoms of a uterus rupturing. This is extremely rare but it can happen and information is vital. I do not want to put anyone off VBAC it was very successful with ATM and if the symptoms had been managed with ZAP I would not have to write this post. Please when your having the conversation with your midwife and they are telling you the advantages which there are many and it's a wonderful experience, ask them about what can go wrong and how they as a hospital have training on this. For example, are they aware of the symptoms of a rupture? How they monitor you with a mind set that the pain maybe something else and not just a woman in labour! 
It's now 8 weeks later, I am fit and healthy and physically you would not know what happened but it's stayed on my mind and I know will do for a long time. I am booking in my birth choices session and I will update once I have been and I get the whole story maybe I can help them help other women as I must take something positive from everything that happened.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Meal Plan Monday 4th January 2016

It's been a while since I have written a meal plan let alone a new blog post, the combination of Mr MC&W new job, the two boys and expecting time just seemed to run away from us.

We now are a family of five and I know I need to get more organised this year with three boys to look after and a hard working hubby. 

Meals that can be prepared and cooked fast or can sit in a slow cooker or oven for a time with out burning or ending in disaster. I will be purchasing a few new cookbooks and selling some of my old ones as our meals need some inspiration. 

Monday - Quorn and Noodle Stir Fry for the adults and Gammon, Mash and Peas for the boys

Tuesday - Tuna Pasta Bake the boys will have cheesy pasta with green veg

Wednesday - Sausage Casserole with jacket potato for everyone

Thursday - Bacon, Potato and mushroom Gratin I will do for the boys but minus the mushrooms and serve with salad

Friday - I am a big fan of Birds Eye Fish Sensations we will have this with rice and Mediterranean vegetables the boys will have Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas

Saturday - Spag Bol for everyone

Sunday - Roast Chicken with all the trimmings 

Friday, 13 November 2015

33 Weeks Pregnant where has time gone?

I wonder if I tell myself enough times I will realise that I am 33 very nearly 34 weeks pregnant and that means I only have 7 to 9 weeks max before the baby is born.

Physically I am very aware, the bump is growing at a rather an alarming rate and the kicking is more and more powerful. It is the stage where you watch your top move with a mix of wonder, amazement, shock and a little bit of horror.

The swelling has started, I already have my rings on a necklace, the lesson I learnt from baby number one. Do not leave trying to take your rings off until you are two weeks overdue and about to have an emergency c section, to put it politely it is the last thing you need. Think Dr and nurses in scrubs and soap!!!! I was beginning to wonder if the fire brigade would be called to cut the rings of my finger or worse still cut of my finger, I think you can sense the stress level at that point. Shoes are getting tighter and adding to the fun of trying to get them on and worse off I am starting to lose the ability to reach my feet.

Let's be honest the constant need to have a wee is a tad wearing, This means I am planning a trip out knowing places that have a loo, the advantage of having two small children is a detailed knowledge of such places. The night time is in fact to put it bluntly, annoying me. I hate having to get up for a wee.

I have a third trimester groan, which I let out when I do anything from trying to stand up, sit down, get in the car, get out the car, walk anywhere or in fact do anything.

Combine this with hormones, I am crying at anything, trying to stand up, sit down, get in the car, getting out the car and Christmas adverts one word Mog..... come on give me a break.

It's mentally I am not prepared, to the point that we have brought nothing for the baby other than change the car to a 7 seater, as we need to be able to fit three car seats across the back. This was also good fun for Mr MC&W and we knew there could be a potential wait. But we found one in the showroom and it was ready for us within two weeks.

With our first I could never have imagined someone could be, how can I phrase this nicely... relaxed? sounds nicer than totally disorganised. At this moment in time we have brought noting and I mean nothing, we have a base for the car seat in the loft but no seat to place onto it, no pram, nothing for the baby to sleep in, no clothes, no hospital bag packed in fact no items brought to put into said hospital bag. I think with baby number one at this stage I was bulk cooking and freezing!!!!!

This is only now starting to concern me, what if the baby was to come early?? The reality hit one evening when I had rather bad back ache and was a little concerned it could be the start of something more. Hubby would have to do some sort of emergency baby dash of epic proportions. As wonderful and supportive he is I am not sure what he would return with, not to mention him having to find breast pads along with other padded items (I do not need to go into details).

So my weekend will be writing a list of what we need and putting in some orders. The one upside of this being our third baby I know what I need and what I do not need. I have learnt a lot of lessons on the way but as it would turn out not how to be organised. 

Oh yes and names well that's another item for the list......
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Meal Plan catch up Monday September 21st to Monday 5th October

I have realised its been three weeks since I last managed to post a meal plan, it has been rather manic in the MC&W household. We are having building work, Mr MC&W has continued to be working away from home, we have all had the most horrid colds and I am now 28 weeks pregnant.

Shall we do a massive Meal Plan Catch up......

Deep breath and Lets go

Week commencing Monday 21st September

Monday - Chili I must admit I buy a packet of mix to do this with. Then stick it in the slow cooker and it's ready for me when the boys are asleep. They also had this and did seem to enjoy it as I chose a very mild one.

Tuesday - Roasted Vegetable Pasta for me, I had a mix of courgette, peppers, red onions mixed in with pasta and some cheese grated on top. Boys had pasta with tomatoes and broccoli

Wednesday - Chicken and Noodles for myself and the boys, I loved it but the boys hated it safe to say it was a total disaster.

Thursday - Omelette's and chips for me and the boys 

Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for us all. Yes a few too many chips this week were consumed.

Saturday - A big bowl of spag bol with garlic bread for everyone

Sunday - ATM birthday lunch family get together so lots of party food

Week commencing Monday. 28th September

Monday - Gnocchi.... I have one recepie that I always use from the fantastic Jo Pratt Madhouse Cookbook which is with broccoli, mushrooms and some cheeky single cream. The boys had with a blitzed tomato sauce and broccoli on the side

Tuesday - The boys and I both had Jacket Potatoes cheese, beans and salad

Wednesday - Tuna pasta bake this was a use up meal of any left over veggies I had in the fridge, the boys had cheese pasta with peas on the side

Thursday - Milanese I have this with thick ham but its ideal for gammon left overs. The boys love this with spaghetti and is perfect to be put in the slow cooker

Friday - I got a couple of pizzas on offer I had one with Chips and salad. The boys had a Micky mouse one but we're not really that taken with it

Saturday - Piri Piri chicken I got a sauce from Tesco and marinated the chicken for a few hours the boys had chicken curry

Sunday - Slow roast Topside of Beef this was just lovely, I cooked it for 3 hours at 160 it was melt in the mouth we had it served with Yorkies, roasts, peas, spinach and lots of veggies

Week commencing Monday 5th October

Monday Caesar salad for me as all I wanted was salad, the boys had mash, chicken nuggets and peas

Tuesday - Sausage Casserole with jacket potatoes we tried the boys on this it was not a massive success 

Wednesday - I had left over sausages and mash potatoes the boys had Carbonara

Thursday - Cheesy pasta for us all with a side serving of green veggies

Friday - Jo Pratt Madhouse cookbook homemade pizza for the boys which they loved. I had the pizza from last week in the freezer

Saturday - Cheating tonight and its shop brought Lasagna with garlic bread and side green salad

Sunday - Roast chicken this is the boy favourite roast and I must admit mine

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spring Bulbs and Wildlife

It is the time of year that bulbs need to be planted ready for spring flowering, though Tulips are best planted in November. This year I have got lots of ideas.....

As you're aware last spring I bought plants and made some displays in pots with differing levels of success, they did look pretty for example my Hyacinths looked stunning and smelt wonderful but fell over. I did not have the wow effect of spring flowers that I was looking for, one bluebell here with one daffodil there was not the result I wanted. 

Last Years Spring Planting

This year is all change and I have decided to go for bulbs and lots of colour. Part of the motivation is that the babies due date is the 1st January and it would be very lovely to have plants that would give us all some beauty with not too much effort.

I have been doing some research as I wanted to improve the wildlife aspect to the garden and what I have found is very interesting. The fact that bright, yellow, beautiful daffodils do not have much pollen for our bees and that we need single flower varieties, not all these adapted double flowers, I kind of like this "keep it simple" approach.

Keep out for the RHS Logo on plants that you buy to help choose ones that help our pollinators we can all do a little bit when looking for plants and these logos do help me.

These are a few flowers that have been noted for attracting bees are:

English Bluebells




The one daffodil to try is the Narcissus pseudonarcissus this is the wild daffodil.

Snake Head fritillary

This has given me something to work with and I shall be buying a mix of all the above but I will be mixing in with this Narcissus as I just love the yellow spring colours.

I will have pots by the front door packed with pretty yellow Narcissus these will be the dwarf varierties, so when we arrive or leave the house there will be lots of happy, yellow flowers.

In the border I will do a mix of crocus, bluebells, snowdrops, hellebore's, Snake Head fritillary and wild daffodils. We will be putting a membrane down and cutting out where the bulbs are going to go then covering with a layer of bark. As spring comes in I will buy some primroses and plant them up in the border.

The baskets attached to the walls will have a few different bulbs, maybe some small tulips, again not great for the bees, but hopefully my border full of wildlife bulbs will give a good mix.

I will also be buying myself a bee hotel, but that will be another blog.

So here we go on another adventure and I will of course post when these get planted and how we do it. 

Then we can see what has worked and what has not as I learn more every year and happy to share my successes and disasters!

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Meal Plan Monday 14th September 2015

I am sat here as ever doing a last moment meal plan, honestly I have no idea where the time goes. The weather is wet and cold making every meal I want to cook be in the slow cooker or involve comfort in the form of cheese or red meat not the healthiest week.

Again Mr MC&W is away Monday night to Friday night so all meals are for myself and the boys.

Monday - sausage casserole with jacket potatoes for us all, this tends to be a mass use up of half tons of beans and chopped tomatoes or veggies that can be eaten up.

Tuesday - left over lamb Ragu I always search online and make a mix of three or four different receipts I find

Wednesday - Tuna Pasta Bake this is ultimate comfort food for me and contains lots of veggies like Peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn and anything else I have in the fridge.

Thursday - stuffed peppers using quorn mince, rice, carrots all mixed together and then finished off in the oven with Parmesan on top and sErvec with salad.

Friday - Fish and Chips with peas

Saturday - chicken Fajitas I get the box from Aldi and it's really good the boys will have chicken curry

Sunday - roast sausages, potatoes and red onions in a whole grain mustard and honey sauce with lots of green veggies. Boys will have chicken, roast pots and veggies

Monday, 7 September 2015

Meal Plan Monday 7th September 2015

We are a bit crazy in the Mud Cakes and Wine household, a few reasons, school and pre school are back, Mr MC&W is on a new work assignment he will be away from home Sunday night and returning late Friday night we only found this out late last week and it's for the next 8 weeks lastly we have a wonderful family wedding to get ready for.

Food has to be easy this week and that can keep warm either in the slow cooker or normal cooker so I do not eat too late

Monday - Jackets with baked beans and cheese for the three of us

Tuesday - a simple pasta and broccoli gratin I can prepare earlier and buy in a cheese sauce then pop mine in a low oven ready for when the boys are down. The boys love broccoli, pasta and cheese sauce so I hope a winner.

Wednesday - courgettes Mediterranean style this is one my mum made for us at home it's courgettes, haricot beans, chopped tomatoes all cooked and served with rice I will get pre cooked rice and pop the sauce in the slow cooker. The boys will have spag Bol from the freezer

Thursday - sausages, mash, beans and peas again this will be for all of us and will be a lot of simple warming things up for me. Ultimate cheat I am buying in mash. Think I need to be honest on these plans.

Friday - Puff Pastry Pizza or homemade pizza with salad I can pre make the tomato sauce and mine will take 20 mins to cook so not too bad

Saturday - PARTY time at the wedding all very exciting as my brother in law is marrying the most wonderful girl 

Sunday - We have invited my mother in law over as your aware she lost her husband only a few moths ago so Mr MC&W will bring her over on Sunday we will have roast lamb and all the trimmings and a good catch up about the wedding. I always get our lamb from our local farm shop it's amazing and truly yummy. I will do this with roast pots, roasted mixed veggies and lots of gravy.