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Meal Plan Friday 26th January 2017

Last we changed curry to sweet and sour chicken as I suddenly thought we had not had it in a long time. This week is quite simple to be honest and I had to do the list in a bit of a rush.

Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for us the boys will have Pizza

Saturday - Burger - Well using birds eye reggae reggae chicken with avocado and cheese served with wedges (a few more calories but it is a treat night) ATM has a party so it will be pasta for the other two

Sunday - Roast Chicken - the boys favourite meal

Monday - Gnocchi and Tomato bake

Gnocchi and tomato bake

Tuesday - Chicken Curry with added veggies from the roast on Sunday

Wednesday - Omelet and Chips

Thursday - Paprika Pork with noodles

Paprika Pork

Winter Flowers - Primroses and Primula

There was a lot of talk about Blue Monday this week prompting garden bloggers to post photos of their summer garden to cheer everyone up. It was lovely looking though my photos of the summer, it was with rose tinted glasses as lets be honest it was not the best.
It got me wanting some colour in the garden now and you can get it. So ZAP and I went to our local nursery in search of flowers.

I have a small border next to the back door, this was made famous with the dreadful show of annual seeds I planted Annual seeds review. This border would be perfect for some pretty winter flowers. Sunday I weeded it and cleared it all ready.

We found benches of Primroses and Primula in the most amazing colours. I brought 5 primroses and 5 primula the Primula look like the primroses but the flowers are on stalks making them slightly taller and two Bellis Daisy. These only cost me £13.00 for a couple of months beauty that is a very good price.

I laid them out and planted then up. It took only about 20 mins…

Meal Plan Friday 19th January 2018

We have some more meals that are around the 500 to 600 calories again this week. Last week meal plan went well and Mr MC&W even said the cottage pie was not too bad, which is high praise in this house.

Friday - Pizza with salad for us all

Saturday - Fajitas for Mr MC&W and I. The boys are having crispy chicken, beans, mash and peas

Sunday - Lasagna - must admit it is brought in

Monday - Another Gino one - Honey Grilled Salmon served with new potatoes and salad. The boys will have oven baked risotto

Tuesday - Roasted Vegetable Couscous with lemon hummus the boys will have carbonara

Wednesday - Pasta in a delicious meat sauce from Gino healthy Italian for us all

Thursday - Chicken Curry for us all

Meal Plan Friday 12th January 2018

We are still watching what we are eating which means the meals are around 500 - 600 calories. We have also been good and cut out the snacking and watched what we are drinking, there is no dry January in the Mud, Cakes and Wine household.

Friday - Chicken Kiev (brought in) roasted tomatoes, green salad and crusty bread. Pizza for the boys.

Saturday - Beef Stroganoff - Saturday is the one night I want a rest from cooking so this is thanks to Tesco Finest. Boys are having fish fingers, Mash and Peas

Sunday - Sausage Casserole with jackets

Monday - Pasta with mushrooms and ham 

Tuesday - Cottage Pie. I very rarely make food like this but this week feels like we need comfort food.

Cottage pie

Wednesday - I have a real love for the wonderful Ainsley Harriott and this is his Sweet Chilli Tart Tatin from his meals in minutes book. The boys will have tuna puff pie.

Thursday - Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya. The boys will have the same but no chorrizo and only a few spices.

Chicken and chorizo jambalaya

Garden Border Makeover

When it comes to the garden Mr MC&W and I are rather bold, we love a project and are not scared by making big decisions. This is the most dramatic job we have done so far.

This is how our back border looked.

This area was a total waste of space, full of shrubs that barely flowered, deadwood and a lot of brambles. We had about 5ft of garden going back to the fence lost and unused. So we decided it was time for it to go and to start again.

Look at all the space we have given ourselves now. We planted laurels for year-round privacy and had the whole area turfed. The plan is to keep it like this for a year, watching how much sunshine it gets then start making a veggie patch and borders again. The boys think we have made them the best area in the world for running around and playing and they were a little gutted when I told them it was not staying like this. However, when I said raised beds and veggies they were not impressed and want it to stay like this for their bikes. 

Meal Plan Friday 5th January 2018

Wow we have made it to January and the next few weeks the meals will all be lower calories, around the 500 mark unless it is the weekend. We put on a few pounds over the festive period so we are watching a little closer what we are eating.

Friday - Posh fish finger sandwich served on ciabatta rolls with iced gem lettuce and tartare sauce. Fish fingers, chips and peas for the boys

Saturday - is manic ATM is at a party and we have swimming again. Simple Spag Bol and garlic bread for us all

Sunday - Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with roast potatoes, orange cooked carrots, broccoli and kale

Monday - Chickpea, tomato and spinach curry and the boys will have tortellini

Chickpea tomato and spinach curry

Tuesday - I got given the Gino Healthy Italian and its lovely we are having his folded pizza with salad

Wednesday - Another Gino dish - Lemon Chicken with honey and rosemary - will do this with no herbs for the boys. Served with green beans

Thursday - Smoked Mackerel and leek hash the boys will have a ham …

Meal Plan Friday 29th December 2017

The Christmas period flew by in a haze of us all being poorly. I have not felt so ill in a long time, to the point I had one glass of wine on Christmas Day  and did not want cheese until two days ago.

Friday - Turkey and Ham Pie. Made as individual pies for us all.

Saturday - Charlie Bighman Thai Curry. Pizza for the boys

Sunday - New Years Eve - canap├ęs and cheese. Picnic style bits for the boys.

Monday - Roast Beef from the farm shop, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, kale and broccoli

Tuesday - prawn laska for us All minus prawns for the boys

Prawn and coconut laksa

Wednesday - chilli beans with wedges. Waffles and thick ham served with peas for the boys.

Mixed bean chilli with wedges

Thursday - Chinese’s style rice, based on this idea for us all

Barneys Monday night rice