Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Meal plan Monday 30th March 2015

I am very sorry I was not that well on Sunday and the eldest OB was ill a couple of days before that. I must admit thinking about food was not on the agenda. Adding to this Mr MC&W has an assignment meaning he is leaving early and getting home late, luckily we found out he can have a main meal at lunch times.

Monday - Mushroom risotto for myself and the boys

Tuesday - Tuna Pasta bake for me the boys will have cheesy pasta

Wednesday - this is a use up day as the shop is coming on Thursday so we are using up from the fridge and freezer

Thursday - Gnocchi with a homemade tomato sauce then finished under the grill with mozzarella. For me I will add peppers and mushrooms to the sauce.

Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for everyone

Saturday - Fajitas for Mr MC&W and myself for the boys spag bol

Sunday - We are having the Easter Lunch from Good Food Mag. Potted prawns, leg lamb and cheesecake

Monday - Ready Meal for everyone as a rest from cooking

I added Monday as its a bank holiday werkendv

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Meal Plan 23rd March 2015

A bit of a busy week in our household and for once I have managed to get my menu plan written up

Monday - Coconut Quorn Curry for myself and Mr Mud Cakes and Wine. The boys are going to have  the same lets see how it goes.....

Tuesday - Aubergine Parmigiana the boys will have pasta with just a plain tomato sauce

Wednesday - Jacket potato with tuna for Mr Mud Cakes and Wine and baked beans and cheese for boys as I am out with my special needs mummy's

Thursday - Mr Mud Cakes and Wine is out tonight so I will be having a Jacket Potato with beans and cheese the boys will have a Jacket Potato with broccoli and breaded chicken

Friday - Taiwanese Style Chicken Salad the boys will have a mini roast dinner

Saturday - A treat of a ready meal for us and the boys to give me a little rest from cooking

Sunday - Beef In The Slow Cooker with mashed potatoes and veggies

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Always looking on the Green Side

Shhhhh this post is a confession that I feel I need to get off my chest. I used to be totally obsessed with evergreens, when I was looking at plants all I wanted was a green garden all year round. For some reason I am not even sure why this was all I thought about, will it give me year round green.

Please do not get me wrong I have always loved the turning of winter, we visit Sheffield park and wonder at the amazing and vast array of reds and bronzes. I drive along watching as the leaves turn and winter slowly takes it's grip. But for some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to keep my garden as some green oasis in a sea of plants that had died back for the winter.

Since I have become more interested in gardening I have taken a step back and wondered what I was thinking about, I want to witness the changes in the seasons in my own garden. This is the first spring I have ever really paid attention to, yes I am like most people ohhh the daffodils are starting to come through and oh my it's suddenly turning green. But watching the plants come back to life, the small green shoots forming, the first delights of the snowdrops sending us all a little giddy on twitter.

Witnessing as the spring plants I brought have slowly started to grow and show us their beautiful Pinks, Yellows and Purples. 

The beauty of the plants in their winter form, the thistle heads, the structure of the trees standing tall against the cold winter sky's. I have at last when looking at plants started thinking will this have beautiful winter structure or die back and come back in the spring.

Although I am still very new to gardening I hope that my new way of thinking and planning will mean when I choose a plant it will have some sense to it..... Of course if it's got a pretty flower I may just choose it anyway
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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Menu Plan Monday 16th March 2015

Sorry it's Wednesday and only just written this one up....

Monday - Chicken Parmigiana for the adults and the boys will have a mini roast dinner

Tuesday - Goats Cheese and pesto tart with salad and new Potatoes the boys will have a pesto and cheddar with mozzarella tart

Wednesday - using up some blue cheese so having a blue cheese, spinach pasta dish all made up and could go one of two ways. The boys will have Jackets with beans and sausages

Thursday - Tesco had some chicken pieces with a spicy sauce we will have those with corn on the cob and homemade Potato wedges. Boys will have cheesy pasta

Friday - Mexican Meatballs with tortilla chips and the boys will have mince and Gnocchi

Saturday - Ham, Eggs and Chips for everyone

Sunday - Chicken and Ham Pie for us all

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Did you have a good day?

I decided to write this post as a Mummy of a little boy who is on the Autism Spectrum and has very limited speech and understanding, I wanted to give a glimpse into our world.

He had been for a school trip to a small local airport and this is the story of collection and journey home....

As I walked through the door I almost heard the sigh of relief from the teachers, "Mummy is here" was said in that slightly high pitched tone mixing happy and stress all at the same time. OB runs towards me shouting Mummy then collapsed on the floor just by my feet telling me "I want yo see animals and go to Legoland". OK I think to myself here we go, I bent down to his level and said in that slight high pitched fake happy tone that it was time to get into Mummy's car, but he was getting distressed the word Lego was being said repeatedly. I noted he did not have his Lego (Lego goes everywhere with him) I enquired about said Lego, luckily it was quickly found, this seemed to calm for at least two mins. His TA and I took this opportunity grab a hand each as we walk him to the car. He is just saying Legoland and animals at this time while I am informed he did a lot of walking and ate two chicken goujons.

We get into the car, our routine of every car trip starts with him getting in the front seat, he changes the radio to disk and then selects track five from the frozen soundtrack and sits down his seat. As I buckle his seat belt and gave him a kiss on the cheek I ask him if he had a nice day he responded with I go to legoland.

I sit down in in the front seat and take a deep breath, as I am trying to set up the SatNav all I hear  is Mummy lets leave, Mummy go, this gets louder to an almost scream as I tried my hardest to get the SatNav working my stupid fingers unable to hit the right buttons. Finally we stared our journey home, I again asked how his day was, I know to ask short to the point questions, did you see a fire engine, did you see an aeroplane nothing just silence filled the car as track five came to an end the only words I hear are again again.

As we came to the traffic lights we had a melt down over the fact they were red and we could not move, I gave him my phone as we had a melt down over the light being green and he wanted the lights to be red again, big tears falling down his cheeks. As he finds his favourite song on spotify, gravity belts throughout the car, he still knows exactly when tack five has finished again again echoes out for the second time.

I decided to ask about his day one last time as we got closer to home, I got "I go to Legoland I go to Legoland" and nothing else. The only time I got anything more was when we he realised we were going home, then the demands for Legoland got more and more by the time we made it to the front door and I went to undo his seat belt, huge tears were falling down his face as he shouts for Legoland got louder and louder. I wrap my arms around him and pick him up he collapses in my arms sobbing and repeating legoland.

This is all I know about his day, when in the safety of the house and settled I asked again this time I got are are you crazy mummy with a huge smile and asked me to turn the TV over as "I don't like this one"......

As we are all aware Autism is a huge spectrum but I hope sharing this will help to give an idea about our life raising a child on the spectrum.  After speaking with his teachers I find out he was well behaved and they were very proud of him, he walked with the other children and sat while a talk took place, this would not have happened two months ago. My boy did well and apparently had a great time, thanks for the teachers for sitting me down to tell me this it means a lot.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Meal Plan 9th March 2105

Wow time is just flying by so quick quick here is my late meal plan, again Mr MC&W is out and about so a few simple meals just for myself and the boys

Monday - Chicken Salad

Tuesday - Chicken and Rice

Wednesday - Birds Eye Fish in Sauce served with new potatoes and Spinach

Thursday - Mr MC&W is late home tonight so myself and the boys will be having Jackets with Beans and Cheese

Friday - Mr MC&W again is out so myself and the boys will be having Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas

Saturday - Homemade Burgers with blue cheese for the adults and Spag Bol for the boys

Sunday - Mothers Day we will have a surprise as I am not cooking Whoop Whoop.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Planting

My lets start at the front blog I wanted to get the front tided up a little and get some colour. A couple of weeks ago I went to a wonderful nursery called Staverton I can spend hours here as they are all about the plants. I brought a small range of plants that should start to give us some spring time colour, I am aiming to do all this myself for next spring but it was a step too far this year.

This is what I have been up to.....

Polyanthus two in blue and a yellow one along with a Narcissi Jetfire and Narcissi Minnow. Can you beat blue and yellow?

Two lovely blue Crocus and Endymion non-scriptus (true native bluebell) and a beautiful Polyanthus in pink to add hint of extra colour.

Three beautiful Hyacinthus - two in blue and one in white I put them in a planter on the wall as they are a little higher and should be easily seen.

This one I chose a couple of Sugar Rush Wallflowers one in yellow and one in orange in front I put a couple of daffodils again slightly taller which should look good against the white wall

This one is a lovely mix of daffodils and Polyanthus

I hope you like as my first ever attempt at spring colour.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Just Keep Digging

Today was the most beautiful day, there were white fluffy clouds in a crisp blue sky, it was cold but not that biting cold where your fingers and toes are numb within minutes. I decided its time to start digging the main front bed again, our soil is heavy clay and we have had a lot of rain so it was all rather sticky and heavy going.

Towards the hedge the Ivy seems to be going mad again, all I seem to be doing is trying to dig out ivy roots. They are my Arch-Nemesis at the moment, ivy along with brambles dominate a lot of the garden, could say I am an expert in growing them both. I spent most of the time not just digging but pulling these roots out. I am very pleased that our front garden is not too public, on several occasions ended up on my backside, did not mind when I had a large root in my hand not so happy when I thumped to the ground empty handed.

I have been talking with people on twitter mainly the wonderful Team Woolly about non dig gardening and it sounds very interesting and I have a area I am going to give it a try. I am a little concerned our soil is so bad that I need to be traditional and in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo "Just keep Digging Dig Dig Digging" then once cleared add lots of organic matter. I have been investigating well rotted manure on line and think it's best I buy a larger amount and have it delivered to the house.

As you can see these are the roots I am battling with, it can be rather disheartening at times, but its doing me more good the gym ever has. I was outside for around an hour today which felt like five mins, as I fought with the weeds, said a few choice words to them under my breath I did not once think about Autism, Type 1 or new jobs. My fight with these roots and how I can make this a beautiful space had concentrated my mind. As I walked into the kitchen lungs full of fresh air, my face tingling from the cold and yes a rather muddy pair of jeans I felt relaxed and happy.

I know that I need to get this sorted if I just plant now its going to come back and haunt me.... so if you have any Ivy advice I am all ears and a rather muddy backside.....

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Meal Plan 2nd March 2015

First week of the new job in London, not sure how this is going to work. Some very simple meals this week

Monday - Jackets Potatoes Myself and the boys Baked Beans and Cheese Mr MC&W Tuna Mayonnaise

Tuesday - Frozen Chicken, Mash and Homemade Tomato sauce for all of us

Wednesday - Courgette Lasagna for all of us

Thursday - Mr MC&W is out with friends, myself and the boys will have special fried rice

Friday - Spiced Beef Mince with Pitta

Saturday - Again Mr MC&W is out, tonight with the Dads of the Autism Massive. The boys and I will have Puff Pastry Tarts

Sunday - Chicken on a bed on Mediterranean veggies