Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Menu Plan Monday 16th March 2015

Sorry it's Wednesday and only just written this one up....

Monday - Chicken Parmigiana for the adults and the boys will have a mini roast dinner

Tuesday - Goats Cheese and pesto tart with salad and new Potatoes the boys will have a pesto and cheddar with mozzarella tart

Wednesday - using up some blue cheese so having a blue cheese, spinach pasta dish all made up and could go one of two ways. The boys will have Jackets with beans and sausages

Thursday - Tesco had some chicken pieces with a spicy sauce we will have those with corn on the cob and homemade Potato wedges. Boys will have cheesy pasta

Friday - Mexican Meatballs with tortilla chips and the boys will have mince and Gnocchi

Saturday - Ham, Eggs and Chips for everyone

Sunday - Chicken and Ham Pie for us all


  1. Some lovely meals you are having this week. Just getting back to meal planning after s break as our food bill was getting higher and too much waste

    1. I have had to make sure I look in the fridge as I kept wasting stuff and your right the bills just go up and up. Though sometimes it's a chore x