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Maintaining Winter Container Flowers

As you are all aware I am a total novice gardener and learning everything as I go along.

I bought and planted some winter flowers for a border and them some more for containers as I loved them so much.

Winter container flowers and Winter flowers primroses and primula

These poor little flowers really do have a tough time, they experience snow, frost, heavy rain, hail and the occasional warm and sunny day. The flowers at times look sodden and really rather sad making me wonder how they survive at all.

I noticed that some of the primroses and primulas flowers were starting to die off and not recovering, I was worried they were about to go over only lasted a couple of weeks.

Then I looked a little closer, I noticed lots of new buds appearing under all the withering flowers.

Cutting the dead and dying flowers back allows the plant to concentrate on the new buds coming through, it also lets more light get to the new buds. 

We get a much longer flowering period.

Another lesson learnt to look careful…

Meal Plan Friday 23rd February 2018

Mr MC&W is now back from a 4 day business trip to Poland, we have coped well though making all the decisions regarding OBs type 1 has been tough.

We are both in need of some lighter food this week, even though the beast from the east is meant to be bringing in some very cold weather. Not sure the two will go together.

Friday - Pasta with mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce. Beans with cheese and toast for the boys

Pasta with mozzarella mint and fresh tomato sauce

Saturday - A Smoked Mackerel Salad with a horseradish dressing, the boys will have ham, egg and chips

Sunday - This is a bolognese dish from the wonderful Busy Mums Cookbook by Mary Gwynn and is just the most amazing sauce ever, served with a green salad

Monday - A Gino Dish from his healthy cookbook, Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Gorgonzola served with a fresh tomato salad. The boys will have jackets with tuna mayo and salad.

Tuesday - This is an Ainsley Harriott meal from his meal in minutes book called crispy orange chicken …

Meal Plan Friday 16th February 2018

Half term has for once gone very fast, think Mr MC&W being around has helped that. 

This week is dominated by Mr MC&W work and his meetings, they can be made smaller or kept warm or cooked separately depending on what time he can eat. 

Friday - Sticky Hot Dogs and Wedges. Fish, waffles and peas for the boys, meant to have this in the week but they had a cheeky McDonald's as a treat.

Maple glazed hot dogs with mustardy onions

Saturday - Curry takeout for us and the boys will have Pizza and Salad bits

Sunday - Roast Gammon not had this in ages and a different roast

Monday - Risotto baked in the oven

Oven baked risotto

Tuesday - Thai Noodles

Child friendly thai chicken noodles

Wednesday - Meatballs with spaghetti

Thursday - Tuna Pasta bake

Winter Container Flowers

The Primroses and Primula that I planted in the border by the back door have been a real success, if you want to have a look...Winter flowers primroses and primula. I now want to add some more colour to the front garden. I often talk about all these grand ideas and never actually get round to buying the plants. This has been a resolution for this year, do things like this not to just talk about it.

Firstly the compost, I am trying out Dalefoot composts, they have a super clay buster which I have used before and was excellent. When chatting online I was told their wool compost was great for pots as it was peat free and the wool helped water retention, so that's what I bought. 

Next the plants, again all on offer and this is what we did with this little lot

6 Trailing Pansies

I decided to try these in a hanging basket, the colours are yellow and purple. I filled the basket three-quarters full with compost and placed the plants in, when happy with the look I filled it up with compost. I …

Meal Plan Friday 9th February 2018

It is half term, pancake day and valentines day all happening this week. The meal plan is full of quick and simple food, we all need a break over half term not just the children.

Friday - Warm Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad for Mr MC&W and I. The
boys will have pizza

Warm new potato salad with bacon and blue cheese

Saturday - Charlie Bigham Moussaka with salad and bread, found the moussaka on sale in Waitrose when I popped in for milk. Will be keeping an eye out for those again. The boys will have waffles, ham and egg - our version of ham egg and chips as the eldest has decided he does not like chips.

Sunday - Chicken and feta tray bake, I use chicken breasts and a Mediterranean frozen mix vegetables, makes it cheaper and quicker. The boys will have cheesy pasta with broccoli

Roast chicken with peppers and feta

Monday - Ravioli and tortellini with garlic bread, roasted tomatoes and salad

Tuesday - Thai meal for Mr MC&W and sweet and savoury pancakes for the boys

Wednesday - Steak and Chip…
rms titanic
titanic was the ships of britannic lusitania olympic carpathia costa concordia oasis of the seas willhelm gustloof  and queen mary 2    

Meal Plan Friday 2nd February 2018

We have made it to February at long last, January for us all it seemed never ending. The problem with this month is you want it to be spring but its still winter.

Last weeks comfort food went down really well, the Paprika Pork was great as I changed it and slow cooked it. I will be writing that one up.

Friday - Mr MC&W has a big exam tomorrow so it is a Charlie Bigham Thai Curry even better it was on special offer. Pizza and salad for the boys.

Saturday - Spag Bol and garlic bread a la Mr MC&W for us all

Sunday - Working round a PM party for ATM so its easy meals. Sausages, beans, jackets and broccoli for the boys. We will have sausages, potatoes and red onions roasted in honey and whole grain mustard served with carrots and broccoli

Monday - Fish with a tomato sauce served with roasted vegetables and roasted potatoes. Homemade fish pie for the boys served with peas

Tuesday - Leek, mushroom and goats cheese puff pie with coleslaw. Mini mozarella and tomato puff pie for the boys with…