Thursday, 31 July 2014

Meal Plan Thursday

Here we go for 31st July 2014

Thursday - Easy Risotto - bacon, peas, spinach baked in the oven

Friday - chilli in the slow cooker must admit a cheat of old El Passo packet with rice and tortilla chips the boys just want tortilla chips and the meat mix

Saturday - mummy and daddy are having chicken burgers with bacon, avocado and chips boys are having homemade pan pizza

Sunday - mummy and daddy toad in the hole boys are having chicken and roasts made using extra chicken breast from Saturday meal

Monday - Ham and Blue cheese Filo tarts with salad and new pots

Tuesday - Cheesey Broccoli pasta bake

Wednesday - chicken with rice

That's us this week I am happy to report that risotto has already gone down well with the family and cooked in the oven was an easy option

Sunday, 20 July 2014

In an English Country Garden

Shhhh I have found something that takes me away from everything, I am wanting to read books and I am getting fit.... My secret is I have discovered gardening.
Three years ago we moved to the countryside I had these visions in my head of chickens, fresh grown fruit and veggies, a wonderful English country garden sipping my white wine sat looking at the amazing garden I had created. The reality has not been quite so romantic, over three years the garden has gotten more and more messy, please do not get me wrong we have a lovely lawn, is 90% clover classed as lawn? My husband mows this at least once a week but that's really the extent of our work.
There have been many reasons this has happened, let's be honest two toddlers and OB who eats everything does not lead to time or energy to garden, my evenings tended to be collapsing on the sofa not wanting to do anything. But something has changed in the last few weeks and it's changing my life. Firstly OB though still eating everything has started to play much better on his own and with his brother. This allows me small chances to weed or dig while still keeping a close eye. This has then lead to me researching plants and vegetables and paths in the evening it's awakened my mind.
My mum used and still uses gardening as a stress relief she would lose herself in her design, digging or slugging she would come back physically tired but she had time to either think any problems through or just lose herself not thinking about anything but the garden. That's how i feel, I can go out in the evening and just do some weeding or bramble destroying, I can read a book or search the internet. My mind is focused in something else not blood sugar levels or have we had any new words or concentration problems.
Maybe soon I will be able to tackle my bramble forest, our dying and dead trees and over grown borders that means I actually make an impact, not just tinkering. My current thinking is looking at where the sunny areas are and where our shady areas are so that as we start to make our own garden come to life we do things correctly, maybe I will become a gardener and sit with my glass of wine looking out on my English country garden, it just may take me some time.

Below the dying tree and although looks like plants it's all weed.

Below the bramble forest....