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Winter Flowers - Primroses and Primula

There was a lot of talk about Blue Monday this week prompting garden bloggers to post photos of their summer garden to cheer everyone up. It was lovely looking though my photos of the summer, it was with rose tinted glasses as lets be honest it was not the best.
It got me wanting some colour in the garden now and you can get it. So ZAP and I went to our local nursery in search of flowers.

I have a small border next to the back door, this was made famous with the dreadful show of annual seeds I planted Annual seeds review. This border would be perfect for some pretty winter flowers. Sunday I weeded it and cleared it all ready.

We found benches of Primroses and Primula in the most amazing colours. I brought 5 primroses and 5 primula the Primula look like the primroses but the flowers are on stalks making them slightly taller and two Bellis Daisy. These only cost me £13.00 for a couple of months beauty that is a very good price.

I laid them out and planted then up. It took only about 20 mins even with the toddler helping and look what we have.

These primroses in theory should die down and come again next year. I hope this happens but even if they do not it has helped with those January blues.



Bellis Daisy

I am sure everyone has a little space for some of these and trust me its a joy to see on a grey cold day.
Pink Pear Bear
Mudpie Fridays


  1. These look very pretty! It makes me want to head out and get some! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. They are very pretty and proper in your face colour. Have to have some like that x

  2. Wow, those look lovely. What a wonderful way to cheer us all up. Thank you

    1. Fantastic news as they cheer me up when ever I open the kitchen door

  3. These are gorgeous. I am such a rubbish gardener but I have two pots by my door that deserve love and this post inspires me to do so! #bigpinklink

    1. They will look stunning in pots, that is my next job xx

  4. They look beautiful! What a lovely way to brighten up the garden on miserable winter days. #ABloggingGoodTime


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