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Grow your own June update

My last post about our own adventure was all about me being worried about the whole process and that feeling of not knowing what to do or where to start. The feed back I got was wonderful and sounds like I was not alone with how I was feeling. 

This post is to bring you up to day with where we have got to. As you are aware I decided to go for it and see what happens. 

The seeds I planted straight in the planter have done fairly well. The salad leaves are doing really well however they have been nibbled a lot which is something I need to think about and look into. But they are ready for a harvest.

The beets, carrots and spring onions in the main have germinated and are growing away. I thinned them out and left the ones to grow I hope to be big and strong. Though again the beets have been nibbled and they may need to be tried again. As I have about 7 or 8 less than I started with after thinning them down. 

The ones I stated in pots are really starting to take off now they have been planted…
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Meal Plan Friday 15th June 2018

We seem to be all over the place at the moment and I have not been doing so well on the wastage situation which is rather annoying. ZAP is starting pre school so maybe a hour or so to myself will allow me to catch up on everything.

Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for the boys. Chicken Kiev, new potatoes, roasted tomatoes and a green salad for us.

Saturday - Pizza for the boys. As its fathers Day I decided to do his favourite meal of steak from the farm shop with chips, mushrooms, peas and lots of peppercorn sauce

Sunday - family get together for various birthdays and fathers day it is a pick n mix buffet

Monday - Haircuts so need to be quick and simple so spaghetti on toast for the boys and we had a cheeky take a way so its the tortellini dish for us tonight

Tortellini with pesto and broccoli

Tuesday - Chicken Chow Mein for us all

Chicken chow mein

Wednesday - Meatball Stragnoff i have put this on various times and we have never had it.

Meatball stroganoff

Thursday - Tuna Nicoise style salad


Meal Plan Friday 8th June 2018

Wow we have been so manic and the meal plan is so late, but thought better late than never....

Friday - Chicken Caesar Salad quick and easy for a Friday night. Boys will have pizza as its sports day.

Saturday - Spag Bol for us all

Sunday - French Style Chicken

Frenchstyle chicken with peas and bacon

Monday - Omeletts and Chips for us all

Tuesday - Tortellini with Pesto and Broccoli. Tortellini with a homemade tomato sauce for the boys.

Tortellini with pesto and broccoli

Wednesday - Cod and Chorizo Stew. Sausages and mash for the boys.

White fish with spicy beans and chorizo

Thursday - Pasta with Mozarella, mint and tomatoes

Pasta with mozzarella mint and fresh tomato sauce

Wall Baskets 2018

We have three wall baskets to be filled this year and I found some wonderful new plants as well as some tried and tested ones

When I first did the wall baskets the most amazing one was Bidens and Bacopa which looked like this and they were covered in polinators.

I wanted to go for something similar this year as it was such a success. They had these beautiful Bidens Blazing Glory I team them with white Bacopa and found these Sanvitalia Gold queen I am very excited to see how this one turns out with the beautiful bright yellows and oranges. 

I decided to try a Fuchsia this year, I have mixed feelings on them but they are lovey and thought it was worth trying them out. I chose Dark Eyes which is semi trailing and then planted Calibrachoa Cabaret in dark blue (purple to you and me) and rose. These colours so go so well together, I not wait to see.

Lastly I feel for these Brachycome Blue Brazil, such pretty flowers which again were new to me, I plnated them with Sutera Baja in white and then f…

Meal Plan Friday 1st June 2018

Half term is now over and we are on the last half term of the school year. Where has the time gone. We had a holiday of thunder and seeing our awesome family so not too bad

Friday - Pizza for lunch as we had my sister and her hubby along with their kids come to see us and you have to have pizza

Saturday - Sticky Chinese Chicken - for us all

Sticky chinese chicken traybake

Sunday - Homemade Lasagna from the busy mums cookbook. A little work but worth it. For us all.

Monday - Baked Salmon with Fennel and Tomatoes served with new potatoes. Tuna Toasted muffins for the boys with salad.

Baked salmon with fennel and tomatoes

Tuesday - Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Broccoli - This is from Jo Pratt the madhouse cookbook. We will all have this.

Wednesday - Oven Baked Thai Rice. We will all have this.

Ovenbaked thai chicken rice

Thursday - Gino D'Acampo Healthy Italian cookbook -  Mushroom Stew with Mascarpone and Mustard served with crusty bread. Three Cheese Pasta Sauce with shredded ham and broccoli

Planting Hanging Baskets Summer 2018

We have five hanging baskets to be planted this year. Mr MC&W offered to have the children so I could go the garden centre and choose all the plants we needed. It felt a little like supermarket sweep, I was on count down to get back for him to play golf. But I am thrilled with the choices and the colours we have this year. 

I went shopping earlier than last year and choice of plants was so much better and lots of new and interesting colours to choose from.

Petunia, I have to have a big basket of Petunias and this year they were selling black ones, I have always wanted to do a basket that had these balck petunia, I mixed them with Blue vein to create the most dramatic basket I have ever done. I adore this one as it is so bold and so hope it works out well.

I am a little obsessed with Nemesia they are just stunning flowers and they have this beautiful variety called Rhubarb and Custard I decided to get two and then surrounded with Calibrachoa Cabaret in Light pink and Lemon to make a s…

Meal Plan Friday 25th May 2018

Were has May gone? It seems to have whizzed past so quickly in a bit of a haze. We also have the joys of half term to look forward to as well and we really need the break from the school routine.

Friday - Maple Glazed Sausages. Tomato Soup and crusty bread for the boys

Maple glazed hot dogs with mustardy onions

Saturday - Mr MC&W has been wanting to try this meal for ages its called Duck and Waffle - Sounds interesting but hard work. Boys will have sausages, beans and jackets

Sunday - Roast Chicken breasts for the boys traditional roast for Mr MC&W and I more of a spring roast lots of courgettes, asparagus and peas all quickly stir fried with some new potatoes

Monday - Meatball Stroganoff or may change to BBQ depending on the weather for us all

Meatball stroganoff

Tuesday - Beetroot and feta Patties. Big plate of cheese, salad and flat breads for the boys

Beetroot feta patties

Wednesday - Avocado and Smoked Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara with our eggs for the boys

Avocado smoked salmon spel…