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Spring Garden Plant Delights

The garden seems to be going crazy at the moment and needs some serious attention. I have discovered that my soil despite being heavy clay and at the moment resembling the Sahara dessert it can grow some seriously healthy weeds.

The mint seems to have come back to life and as strong as ever, it's now all over this border.

We have an wonderful selection of primroses and they are popping up all over the place, the variety of colour amazes me and I will be honest I have not planted one of them. But these delicate tucked away plants in the most odd places in the garden always makes me smile.

Our wonderful traditional rose the rambling rector I must admit I always want to call it the rampent rector maybe that's due to it being a beast and goes mental but I can not find the words to say how much I love it. This is a picture of last year.

Our pretty clematis has come into flower, it's over our back door and urgently needs some work to train better. It's a wonderful draw for the bees and the humm we hear by the back door is wonderful. They boys have gone from being scared to chatting to Mr Bumble bee.

Lastly some plants just about to bloom much to the bees delight

I am a little stressed by how already the garden is becoming out of control already and we are only just entering spring. I have not taken the photos of the mess this is another post that I will tackle soon along with the fact our garden is a spring colour garden and we need some summer flowers.

Mami 2 Five


  1. The Clematis looks like it just needs pinning up - like an overgrown fringe! Don't get stressed - enjoy the good bits, improve the bad as and when you have time - it'll all be ok in time. I took on a neglected garden & in nearly 4 years I have made some inroads but the weeds keep fighting back!

    1. Thank you, we have some wire and the husband is doing some DIY but going to let it flower. How are weeds so amazing they can grow anywhere xxx

  2. Those primroses are so lovely, we can grow all sorts here but I've never seen those. I've recently had to hack back our climbers to get them going where we want to, it seems cruel but they soon grow back. Thanks for sharing on SundayStars

  3. We have murdered every plant to ever cross our threshold in 1 month of less so I am impressed. We have toxic fingers rather than green, I guess.


  4. My mummy has a good habit of killing plants and flowers. Garden looks great :) #SundayStars

  5. I love this time of year with all the new growth, hubby is a keen gardener I haven't got a clue I just buy beautiful plants and hop that he will look after them x

  6. My hubby is a keen gardener and has started his usual potting around but we have a lot of work to do too! Your flowers are gorgeous though. Lovely to sit out and admire them xx #sundaystars

  7. Everything looks gorgeous. Clematis are one of my favourites. I've treated myself to two new ones this year for our garden. Just need to find time now to plant them!

  8. My Dad is always out in the garden and talks about his Clematis - at least now I know what they look like! Wonderful photos

  9. Beautiful garden! I like the purple and pink flowers best! We have daffodils and lots of weeds lol and our puppy loves trying to eat them all! Angela xx

    Angela recently posted “guess how much I love you”


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