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Please may I talk to......

Since I started having a feeling over two years ago that OB development was not right I have had to become that mother who is always on the phone. You know that feeling when yet again you pick up the phone to chase an appointment or some information that was meant to be sent. You reel off your child's details each time and your contact number for someone to call you back, you become expert at leaving short messages on answer phones to try and chase those answers.

Today summed up this constant stream of phone calls, we last had a catch up with our NHS SALT in March and OB has not had any SALT from the NHS since January. We were told yes he will have another six sessions but will not be until after Easter. As Always on the day I ask why we have to wait so long can he not have any sooner, I get that look of please do not go there again. So Easter has been and gone and still no appointments. Today the appointments arrive and we are only down for four sessions, yes you heard that four sessions we have had nothing since January.  This is not right, but the sessions were meant to be a pre school as they need the support, I have mentioned this twice and it's in his notes, but this has not happened. Yet again a parent has to get on the phone and find out what's going on and put it all right.

This then brings me onto our Early Years service, when OB was just two years old they were very supportive, we had meetings, targets and even extra play therapy. Fast forward two years later, post EHP plan which I will write about soon. This is where we are, a visit to pre school after comments made in the EHP meeting. They introduce a traffic light system for pre school to implement, his 121 half mentions it to me as I was trying to get two children together with lunch bags and coats out of the door. I then get a report in the post. No phone call to talk it through just a report. How as parents can we be constant with methods of helping our children communicate if we do not have a full understanding of methods being implemented at pre school,or if I have a opinion that the new idea may not work and want to talk it through. A system is being implemented that I have no idea about other than a google search, with out my thoughts on if it will help OB. As you can tell it means I will have to call and talk it all though to make sure I understand the reasons why it's being implemented, together with how we work this at home.

OB will be starting his transition to school this term, there is a meeting planned for June 16th at 9.30 apparently. I know of this but his 121 is already saying she can not attend and reeling off the reasons. This meeting is in June and the only time we as parents will be involved with all the professionals in one place, for a very important time in OB life. We have to pay our private SALT to attend as the NHS SALT  will never have met OB, I have been told I have to decide who will be lead salt in the meeting. I can not believe I have to tell them who it would be let's think about this someone who has never met him or someone who seems him every two weeks...who would we choose. 

As a parent I have learnt I have to be the co originator of my child's care and support,that I have to battle to get him what he needs and deserves, but also I must step in and voice opinions on subjects that I personally have very little knowledge on but know in my heart it's not right for my boy. I have to have the strength in my opinion to stand up against professionals and fight a little boys corner, to question why. Aother week will start with me on the phone, leaving messages and hoping all my battles are ultimately helping my little OB.


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