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All day morning sickness

As most of you are aware we are expecting our third child with the rather amusing due date of 01-01-2016, also I am sure you have been aware that the posts have dried up including the weekly meal plans. This is a short post to fill in some gaps about those first three months. 

The main reason for the lack of the food posts has been the joys of pregnancy sickness, please do not worry I am not going into any details. I know some poor woman get this very badly and can end up in hospital, I am lucky and no where near that bad. However I feel sick 24 hours a day, from the time I wake up to when I go to bed and can and frequently wake in the night still feeling ill. I have tried every form of eating to make this go away, I eat large meals and no snacking, I have tried snacking all day the test result's have revealed shock horror that nothing works. I also tried giving the bump a firm talking too, I am being ignored before the baby is even born.

Of course you do not like to tell people for the first 12 weeeks until the first scan, we have to tell close family as it's impossible to hide how poorly I become. Now there is the school run, the pop to the shops that all became missions. The only was through this was the humble polo mint, this simple little mint with a hole got me through bedtime stories, dropping of the children to school and many a shopping trip. I am sure they see a strange surge in sales with this my third baby, I have them in handbags, the car and all over the house. 

This has meant that the thought of food has not been pleasant, the meal plans have been quick and the cooking of food has been quicker. Too make it even worse smells have also come into play and can turn me from not doing too bad to running for the bathroom in a moment.

Though in some terms it has made us eat a whole lot healthier, I have gone off cake - sorry but what pregnant woman can not eat cake? I though it was the law that become pregnant you can eat cake. Oh no not this little one, even the though of cake makes me do the dash as I have lovingly called it. Oh yes and to add to the cake situation is that I can not drink tea other than first thing in the morning. No tea and cake this is just wrong.

We have always pretty much cooked from scratch but I would occasionally buy some pre prepared chicken in batter or fish and chips, the smell of those foods again cause the dash. All food has to be made from the scratch making homemade goujons and trust me no battered fish. Must be oven baked with no fat or the dash will return.

Lastly cream or creamy food, everything is now veggie stock or tomatoes I can handle a little low fat creme fraiche or low fat natural yogurt, too much and the dash would instantly return. Which means I have not really had a pudding in 13 weeks.

Then came the tiredness, this is where our poor garden has really suffered. My motivation and resolve had hit rock bottom, I would look at the mess and want to sort it out and get back into it all, I would start only to feel shattered after about five mins and just want a little sit, the little sit would tun into a little lie down all in the garden then followed by a sit on the sofa with a glass of water and dry cheese biscuit.

The mist is starting to rise and I feel my old self coming back again as the bump continues to grow, I think maybe some reading and planning of the garden will be may way forward. Though I am determined to get bulbs in this autumn and that should be a good post. I hope the meal plans will get back to being every week and that I can start to talk about the garden again.

A Cornish Mum
Mami 2 Five


  1. Oh you poor thing, I feel your pain because I too had all day morning sickness! It's awful because you just don't get a break from it, it's there all the time and you can't ever imagine feeling normal again. I'm glad it's starting to ease for you now though. Take care x

    1. Thanks Kate, your right you just get used to feeling sick boo but could be worse I tell myself xx

  2. I'm late commenting this week with Fin being ill and being manic otherwise but I didn't even know about the bump! Wow how exciting :) but you poor thing with the sickness, and it's so hard when you have other children to look after as well! I hope you're feeling better by now lovely, and thanks for linking up to #PicknMix!

    Stevie xxx

    1. Thanks Stevie, yes it's very exciting the boys are also very excited :0) have a feeling this little one is going to be trouble in the cutest way xxx

  3. This of course is not something that a man can really understand, but I think I know how you feel. Being off your food for long periods of time must be particularly trying for you as a keen cook. As for the gardening, surely it can wait? In the meantime you'll just have to tag along with garden bloggers like me!

    1. Mark thank you, I love your blog so much and read it with great enjoyment. Yes I def will be living through other bloggers but I have some big ideas for the garden :0) it's giving me time to think which is good x

  4. Awe huni, I remember it well. I eventually renamed it to progesterone poisoning as morning sickness didn't quite sum up the all day and night-nisk that was my sickness. I'm glad its starting to ease off a bit now. Just think oh how amazing it will be when the little one is here :) Hugs xxx


    1. Thanks Sarah-Jane yes def thinking about the little one and keeping the other two out of trouble xxx

  5. Oh no that just sounds horrible! I was like that with my oldest. Everything I did made me sick. I ended up losing 15 lbs from it. It wasn't weight I could afford to lose either. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Congratulations on the pregnancy. How did I miss this? I am so sorry that I did. I am also sorry that you have been feeling poo with it. It sounds like it has been a really tough three months. But I am glad that you are beginning to feel better. And I hope that the dashes soon disappear altogether. Wow, this is a really ambitious post and a very controversial subject to write about. I am of a very similar opinion to you. Personally, I wouldn't consider having an abortion but I respect the right of all other women to make their own decision. It is their body and their pregnancy and they can make their own choices in what to do with it. Thanks for linking up such a brave post to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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