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Spring border review

Spring seemed to come and go in a bit of a blur of baby number three and work being done to the house. I thought I would do a little round up of the front border as its featured heavily in my pictures of weeds and I wrote a post about ideas for spring

Spring Bulbs and Wildlife

This border has always looked a total mess, the main problems are, it gets very little sunshine and our soil is thick clay. But it is at the front of the house so is seen by everyone who comes to visit, even if that is mainly the postman.

This Autumn we got a local gardening company to plant a whole load of Daffodils and Crocus through a membrane which in turn was covered with bark. 

Spring came along and we got lots of lovely daffodils but the crocus were to be honest rather a disappointment. They fell over very fast and looked rather sad and sorry for themselves. I also managed to fail in my attempt to make it bee and insect friendly which has been a huge disappointment.

But this is all part of my learning and discovering what worked and what did not. Also time is a huge factor, this October I hope will be easier.

So my lessons learnt are I need to do more planting I would love some hellebores which I will buy next spring and plant. I may also try some Muscari and maybe some English Bluebells. I am sure another post will be written nearer the time.

So now I start to think about summer and adding colour into a rather brown space...... Pass the tea and cake this is going to be a bit of a hard one, but I will have a go and you can follow my susess and of course failure or two or three
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  1. You can't expect to be 100% successful first time round! It's definitely an improvement, but an improvement you can improve upon... Keep on going, I say.

    1. Thanks Mark will def be looking to improve in October and keep going 😀

  2. Oh amazing I didn't know you could higher a gardening company to do this for you?? Great idea, sorry about it being a bit of a disappointment with all the bees and what not!! It looks better than my garden though! : ) #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thank you, I now have to find the energy to weed it all. Yes they will do loads of jobs it's amazing esp the heavy jobs x

  3. It's such hard work trying to look after a small family and work on the garden too. Keep going, it just takes time. :-)

    1. Thanks I will keep going and entertaining with my many failures x

  4. Just worry being aware Hellebores are poisonous and can irritate skin. Autumn crocuses (colchicum) also very poisonous. Mind you so are daffodils (although the bulb's the most poisonous part) and I still have those in my garden. I find it difficult sometimes to know what to leave and what to omit, but it's just worth knowing as you're planning what to plant. Good luck with the planting for next year :-)

    1. Oh I did not know that. Will keep an eye on the boys. I have to watch them very carefully with the daffodils as they still pick and eat if not being watched x

  5. Should say 'worth being aware'!

  6. Should say 'worth being aware'!

  7. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your blog name. Mud Cake and Wine! PERFECT!!!! FYI, I transplanted some Iris's today and I am hoping they don't die on me! #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thank you, I must admit I love the name as it describes my life. Are they still alive xxx

  8. Still looks gorgeous though :) Our garden is still a building site.... eventually I may get to actually make it pretty lol!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hon

    Stevie xx

  9. What a beautiful garden! I love when the flowers start to bloom, it's a gorgeous time of year! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK


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