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Growing Dahlia Plants from seed

Earlier this year I stumbled on a link called "Blooms for Bees", you would need to grow Dahlia plants from seed and then count the number of bees on the flowers and submit your finding. I am a huge fan of bees and thought it would be fun.

One morning a beautiful envelope dropped through the letter box containing three small packets of seeds. I was excited but also a little concerned as I have never really grown anything from seed. I have seen my Mum grow vegetables from seeds, we grew up in a house where in spring we were dodging plants on window sills in fact everywhere, but I had never really caught the bug. Maybe to do with the fact I worked in hotels and never had any garden or space to call my own.

First stop was the garden centre to buy a seed tray and seed compost. I happily sewed the seeds, placed them on a sunny windowsill and waited. I did not have anything to water them with so found an old baby cup, it tricked out the water perfectly.

Not all the seeds germinated but lots did, then came the question what do I do next? they looked way too big for the seed planter. In to the shed I went, knowing I had potting compost and plant pots left over from the hanging baskets I planted up last year. The seedlings new home was on the patio table, poor things got rather cold and were not watered nearly enough, I am not sure how they survived. Though on really cold nights they were put them in the children's play command den. They looked leggy and not great and I honestly felt rather sad and even like I had let them down.

Early June we bought some bedding plants, so I decided to plant them out at the same time. My thoughts were I would have given it a go and if they do not make it I will learn and try again next year. But these poor sad looking plants began to flourish. 

Now look at them, they are stunning and have grown so big. The best part is the pollinators they are attracting, the garden is alive. I am shocked, with only a small amount of knowledge they to grew and I must admit I have caught the bug.  

If I can achieve this giving some of the poor care these seedlings received, maybe it is worth a go, not giving up even when times are bad. My fingers seem to be getting a shade greener, along with my willingness to try things out. Maybe we can all have green fingers, if we give it a go, laugh off a disaster and just keep trying, when it works you feel rather proud.

The Tactical Mummy

Me, Being Mummy


  1. Well done. It really is so satisfying to grow from seed, and well worth the effort despite the occasional problems that we all encounter. xx

    1. It really does I was quite shocked at the emotional side of it

  2. You really summed up the mild anxiety and subsequent satisfaction of seed sowing! And you've also shown that growing stuff doesn't have to be hard work, expensive or time consuming, which is just what I am trying to convince more people of too! Look forward to reading your next adventures in propagation 😀

    1. There will be more I have ideas for next year already

  3. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award to let you know I’m really loving your blog on my journey as a newbie blogger! Read my acceptance post and learn how to accept your nomination at:

  4. Well done on growing so many from seed. I've never tried, I am not very green fingered and so cannot imagine I would be very successful. #TheHoneybeeLinky

    1. As a fellow not very good you may surprise yourself I certainly did xxx

  5. How fitting for sharing on the very first #HoneybeeLinky! Thank you so much for joining in, I hope you can join in again next week!xxx

    1. A pleasure and have another one that's perfect name for the linky xx

  6. Well done they look amazing! I love plants that attract bees so I may have to try this next year

    1. Me too it's amazing to look at what they love and what they just do not go to. Made a note for next year those not coming back

  7. I love these posts, they inspire me so much. Especially this one as I adore Dahlias! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Dahlias are such beautiful flowers we brought some beauties from the garden centre aswell as annuals xx

  8. Oh I so wish I could keep plants alive! I have never once been able to keep a single one alive, they all just die on me :-(. These are beautiful! Thanks for linking up with #blogstravaganza

    1. Thank you and they were lucky to live and I was rather amazed 😂

  9. Oh I love the idea of growing flowers specifically to entice bees. I have never been brave enough to try growing from seed, but this has inspired me! Brilliant post. Thanks for linking up to #TacticalTuesdays

  10. Oh i love the idea of growing my own plants. I've never from seed before but would love to give it a go. #TacticalTuesdays


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