Sunday, 10 September 2017

Meal Plan Friday 8th September 2017

We have survived the first week back at school, only for the eldest to have a sick but we have managed to avoid hospital so we are counting that as a win.

Friday - Mr MC&W is in London so we have no idea when he will get back so he will have a microwavable meal and I am having jacket potato with beans and cheese

Saturday - Easy food boys will have pizza and we are having a charlie bigham chilli

Sunday - Boys are having mash, sausages and veggies. We are having from the Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Lovely Lamb hotpot. I am even using the neck fillet and for me that is being brave.

Monday - Smoked Paprika Paella 

Smoked paprika paella cod peas

Tuesday - We have some pesto left over so will be having. Boys will have ravioli.

Pesto pizza aubergine goats cheese

Wednesday - Omelets and Chips

Thursday - Roasted Chicken Breasts and new potatoes with Honey and Cumin for us all.


  1. Meal prepping in so good, I need to get in the habit. My favourite on here is omelette and chips. Yum Yum

  2. You always have the most delicious meal plans

  3. Ooh Thursday sounds good! Chicken & potato! Might have to come and join you for a meal or two here ;) haha!

  4. Great menu. So organised, something I always fail at.

  5. I've got a massive thing for paprika at the moment! love the organisation here!

  6. Omlettes and chips! So simple but delicious... great inspiration as ever! Xx

  7. Such a great idea to plan ahead, I try to whenever I can. Xx