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Meal Plan Saturday 4th June 2016

This week has flown by, the lamb Ragu for Mr and Mrs MC&W was just lovely however, the boys did not like the look of it. They had an emergency freezer meal, but I managed to burn the chips then burn the chicken we putting new chips on. Not my finest culinary moment. 

Boys are back to school but OB lunches are mainly sandwiches so do not need to worry about clashing foods.

Saturday - Spag Bol OB has been asking for this meal all week and it's Mr MC&W special

Sunday - roast gammon the boys both love gammon we will have it with roast potatoes and the normal trimmings

Monday - Gnnocchi bake with a tomato sauce finished off in the oven with a sprinkling of mozzarella 

Tuesday - I have two meetings one at 10.30 over in eastbourne then at 7pm at school meeting with all the reception mums and dads. This will be potato bake using up the gammon from Sunday. I can make one for myself and the boys and one for Mr MC&W to have when he has got the boys to sleep.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with beans, cheese and salad

Thursday - I am going to try the boys of a simple fish pie and see how it goes down.

Friday - Trying a griddled chicken dish that's in Annabel Karmel's weaning book for toddlers it's got honey and soy sauce which looks lovely. We will have it with chips and salad. 


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