Sunday, 7 August 2016

Meal Plan Saturday 6th August 2016

We enter week three of the summer holidays, my wine consumption has been increasing by the day. Mr MC&W is about to have the week from hell with Southern Rail being on strike, not sure if he will be eating with us or having to stay in London.

Saturday - The adults are having a burger  from Jamie Oliver's new healthy eating cookbook. Using mince mixed with beans and wholemeal rolls, wow get us. The boys are having Spag Bol

Sunday - Again the adults are having a Jamie Oliver healthy eating meal (can you tell I got a new cookbook). It is a healthy Chicken Kiev. Boys will have roast chicken breast with roast potatoes and lots of veggies.

Monday - OB has his three monthly hospital apt, he is very scared as last time he was very sick when we went to hospital. So I allowed him to choose so we are having Pizza and Chips as he deserves it.

Tuesday - Chicken Curry 

Wednesday - Gnocchi with a simple cream sauce served with fine beans, mushrooms and sweetcorn

Thursday - Mac and Cheese with broccoli on the side 

Friday - Fish Chips and Peas this is ATM choice.

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