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The New Garden Fence

We have done something really rather dramatic to our garden. The problem is this, it was not meant to be quite such a big change as it has ended up being. Would you like to see what we have been up to?

We had one fallen fence panel that haf to be replaced, in order to do the work we needed to ask next door for permission to go into their garden. When I popped round to ask we opened one huge can of worms. I was led round to be shown the state of the whole fence, this has never been mentioned to us and I come home feeling rather shell shocked. We knew this had to sort this out.  I could see why she was fed up, the fence was a mess and brambles were growing through, but it had never been mentioned to us. Anyway lets move on from that shall we, Mr MC&W and I found a bottle of wine and rant to each other eased the the pain and we moved forward with the task of sorting it out.

We had just put in a new patio and this shows our messy but privacy protecting hedge.

Here we had a larger boarder put in and removed the conifer

Around came our gardener who does all our larger work, to price up getting rid of all the dreaded brambles, the old fence and to put up a delightful new one. Then we can all be happy neighbours again.

The day of the work came round, it was a beautiful summer morning.  Three of them set to it, pulling brambles, nettles and the old broken fence out. I can not tell you how hard these guys worked, I made sure I provided plenty of tea and encouragement.

The start of the day

Just a few brambles

After a few hours all the area was cleared and the posts were ready to go in. I think we had three large bags of garden waste.

This took all day to do, the guys did not stop. After all the clearing they then were digging holes and concreting the new posts in and making sure the everything was level.

Below is the finished fence, I love this fence as it looks pretty natural and I hope provides a good backdrop for our neighbour. We made sure the border curved round so it looks like it has always been there. We left for the moment a couple of shrubs that should come back, problem is I can not remember what he told me they were!!!

The plants that are to me sticks poking out of the ground

Our slight (I use the word lightly) issue is, we are a very private family. We liked the messy hedge, it was a wildlife haven and it meant we had privacy and now we do not. Please do not get me wrong, our neighbours are delightful and we are very lucky. But we like to potter about in the garden with out people looking in on us, Mr MC&W is 6"6 which adds to the privacy issues. As he can see above most fences, I am 5"1 not effected so much and look confused when he complains.

All that's left a few shrubs that have been cut right back and my arch nemesis a conifer. I detest conifers, no rhyme or reason to this its just I do not like them.

So the next few posts I will be looking at privacy and how we can get this back. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to start again, but I am also filled with fear that maybe I am not up to such an enormous task.

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  1. Oh it looks so much better already, I love that fence! Looking forward to seeing where you go with it from here :)

    Stevie x

    1. It's a great fence I just love it. Think need the name of it got the blog. Off to visit some garden centres this week, more to follow xxx

    2. I love home makeover posts, especially garden ones for inspiration at the mo :) Stevie xx

  2. Ah I bet you felt mortified...shame they never said before! Love the new fence! Perhaps plant some stuff on your side...some growers to make it a bit more private!! xx #sundaybest

    1. Thanks Sarah, the fence is great and I want so many plants to grow up it. Want to try and get ones that flower at different times. Looking forward to the planting now xxx

  3. You'll be amazed how quickly it all grows back once you get it planted, especially with the two large shrubs that you've kept. And a whole new border to play with.. what fun!

    1. Really good fun but so scared I will get it wrong xxx must be brave

  4. What a difference already... I love that fence too. Looking forward to see more photos of your garden when all your flowers grow back. #BloggerClubUK

    1. It's a huge difference I could not believe it, now to make it pretty again x

  5. I share your feelings on the privacy issue. We are still in our 'starter' home which is a mid terrace, back garden backs out onto the back gardens of the next terraced street. We have walls we can't really change around ours but they're only up to my chin, and i'm only 5'2". I can't wait for our 'forever' home to be at least semi-detached and have a huge garden complete with giant fence lol #PicknMix

    1. Oh that I would find hard, we love our privacy and glad I am not alone with wanting high fences xxx

  6. Your new fence looks awesome and I bet everything will grow back quickly. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

    1. Thank you and if not off to a garden center that sells mature plants xx

  7. Oh the new fence looks great! Hope it grows back quickly!! Thanks for joining us at #SundayBest :) xx

    1. Thank you, they are already growing which is amazing xx

  8. My goal this year was to give the patio more of a French Country feel.
    So out went the twig fence and the heavy black iron table and chairs.
    In came the white bistro set and a more open yet intimate space.


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