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Annual Seeds Review

A little while ago I wrote a post, I was full of excitement because we had sewn a few packets of seeds on a small side border. I had visions of a border carpeted in the most wonderful flowers.

Annual seeds to update border

Sadly this has not been the case, we watered them and I did not even weed for a while as I was not sure what was growing weed or wild flower.

We are now mid-August and this is what we have.

Well, not a huge success is it? I have to laugh at how sad these two flowers look.

There a couple reasons I know they have not worked, my youngest son has turned into a plant destroyer. He has pulled off petals and whole flower heads, he stomps through the border snapping plants under his small podgy feet. Then factor in slugs and snails who think they were planted as a tasty treat.

We have had some success and they are very pretty just a shame not in abundance.

Will I try this again? yes, I will try this again and in the same place. Next time I will sew a lot more seeds, they are not that expensive. Also, sew over a longer period and hopefully next year I am only battling slugs and not the plant destroyer.

Sometimes things work and some things they do not, I will try again next year with as much hope as I did this time.
Me, Being Mummy


  1. I love that you aren't giving up! I quite like the lovely little yellow flower 😊 I tried last year just in a big pot with some wildflower seeds but it wasn't very good so that pot is now home to raspberry canes! I will try it again next year & hope for the best

    1. I will try but do love the idea of raspberry canes too 😊 Xxx

  2. You've cheeered me as I thought that I had problems with my annual bed his year.

    1. Heeheehee my blog is excellent at helping others know they are doing better than me. The flowers are so pretty but so few of them 😂😂 xx

    2. This is just like my wildflower corner! Ah the realities 😣

    3. You have to laugh 😂 the grand ideas then what happens. Maybe next year

  3. What's your soil like? I only ask because wildflowers like poor soil, anything too rich in nutrients doesn't suit them at all (I kind of knew this already but Monty confirmed it on GW last night too!). Maybe dig in some grit or sand, to help make it less rich? (sounds daft, I know!) x

    Lisa |

    1. Now that's interesting as the soil for our garden in good. I will have a look into that as well. Thanks for the tip xx

  4. I feel your pain - I have four dogs that destroy my garden. Not that I'm exactly gifted in that department to start with! x #Blogstravaganza

  5. I'm going to take inspiration from this and give my garden a try again! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  6. Don't give up, I have found that gardening is trial and error, I am slowly learning what does and doesn't grow in local soil#mygloriosgarden@_karendennis

  7. I love the reality shots vs what's promised on the front of the seed packets. Didn't have any luck with my annuals/cut flower bed on the allotment. We had weeks and weeks of dry weather so nothing germinated (no water at the site yet)

  8. Great that you're going to have another go next year! I used a Gro-Sure Easy Flowers All-in-One mix a few years ago when I grew flowers with some 2 year olds. They helped to sow the seeds (read: chucked them in handfuls over the soil!) and were encouraged to water the seedlings themselves. I didn't worry too much about weeds (except chickweed which is easily identified) and when we had beautiful flowers (mainly pink mallow and blue cornflowers) the children were really protective of their results! I hope it works out for you next year. PS. Were you growing patio sunflowers? They're not fussy about soil and don't mind weeds either. I think your plant destroyer may be the culprit!

  9. I grow annuals from seed sown direct on the plot, and most now self-seed year to year. Like most things I've had successes and failures. Good for you for saying that you'll try again, and fingers crossed that next year you'll have lots of lovely flowers. xx

  10. But they did grow! I love that your little boy picked them; at least they were enjoyed. Wildflowers need very poor soil to flourish. You may find they come back bigger and better next year. Thank you for joining us at #MyGloriousGardens. A round up post will follow at the weekend. x

  11. I never know what's a weed and what's not! I'd love to be better at gardening. Perhaps 2018 can be the year of the garden :) xx


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