Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Meal Plan Friday 18th August 2017

Wow the meal plan really is late this week, I apologise. I have been rather poorly for over a week now with Vestibular neuritis which means I have been feeling constantly dizzy. This has not been pleasant and I am not completely better.

Friday - Gammon, Egg and Chips for us all

Saturday - Cesar Salad and salad for the boys

Sunday - Fish cakes with salad and roasted new potatoes. Boys will have chicken, Mashed potatoes and broccoli

Monday - Ravioli (brought) mozzarella and tomato salad and garlic bread

Tuesday - Bhaji Frittata with mango chutney. Omelette's and chips for the boys.

Wednesday - Take away curry. chicken curry for the boys

Thursday - Sticky Chicken Tray bake

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