Thursday, 27 November 2014

Meal Plan 27th November 2014

We are trying to make food go a little further this week so buying a packet of 500g mince and making it do at least two meals the same with two chicken breasts and making sure the roast can do two meals.

Thursday - Homemade Chilli with Baked Potatoes for everyone

Friday - Waitorse Treat

Saturday - Chicken Burgers - Chicken to be flattened out and coated in spicy mix served with lots of salad and a few chips. Boys will have homemade crispy chicken, chips and salad

Sunday - Cola Roast Gammon for the whole family

Monday - Thai Chicken Rice again lots of veggies in with the rice to make the meat go further. Boys will also be having this.

Tuesday - Milaniase style left over gammon served with spaghetti the boys will also be having this.

Wednesday - Gnnochi with Bologniase Style sauce using up the mince beef from Thursday.

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