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Exciting times

As your aware the Mud cakes and Wine blog has been a bit up and with with posts over the last few months especially the weekly meal plan I would write. The reason for the meal pan not being around so much is that I have totally gone off food, I can not smell it or think about it with out feeling very sick and eating it has been even harder.

The reason for this is that six weeks ago we discovered we are expecting our third child.

We are thrilled, excited not to mention a little scared but I wanted to share with everyone and lets hope in a few weeks time I can eat again and feel less like I could fall asleep at any given moment.


  1. Congratulations! What a clear scan youngest just wouldn't turn round, got a lovely picture of his back...funny he loves having his photo taken now;)

    1. We had to do some major poking as little one had this spot that was comfy and refused to move. They are funny even before born xx

  2. Yay congratulations!! This is so exciting! Lovely news xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah, it's amazing and a little scary all,at once xx

  3. Congratulations!! How lovely! This is just what happened to me when I realised I was pregnant with baby number 3, it affected my blogging for a while but I'm all back on track now.

    Such lovely news to start the day :)

    1. Thanks Kate, it's been hard and sure it's going to get worse but am loving it all zzz

  4. Huge congratulations! Really exciting news. Hope the nausea settled soon x

    1. Slowly but last two times not till at least 14 weeks xxx

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  6. Big congratulations xx exciting

    1. Thanks Claire its all very exciting xxx

  7. Huge congrats lovely lady. I can remember that feeling well where you could just put your head down and sleep for a week. Hope it passes soon x

    1. Thank you, i am starting to feel a tad better at long last just hope it continues xxx


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