Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Meal Plan Monday 1st June 2015

Can not believe how fast time is passing and yet again I am late with the meal plan.

Monday - Greek Style Feta and Spinach Tart taken from Jamie Oliver meals in 30mins. The boys had cheese Filo Tarts with salad

Tuesday - Left over Lamb Shoulder made with a curry sauce.

Wednesday - Thai chicken bake this will be both for us and the boys

Thursday - Sausages in a Fiorentina baked pasta. Boys will have pasta and tomato sauce


Friday - Falafel burgers in pitta bread with salad and coleslaw. Boys will have spag Bol.

Saturday - Crispy Chicken Tropicana - this is from the Ready Steady Cookbook from years ago but we love it. Boys will have a chicken in gravy with mash and peas

Sunday - Roast thinking pork but not sure.

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