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Toddler with Social Communication Difficulties Moving Forward

I wanted to write a short post about our experience of a child who is autistic and the ability to show someone that they care. All children on the Autism spectrum are different, however when talking with friends who also have children who are autistic we have similar experiences when it comes to the ability to show and understand emotions, it does not come naturally to our little ones.

Let me show you how far we have come in the last couple of years, when OB first started pre school and I would come to collect him, all the other children would run arms out stretched to their Mummy or Daddy. OB would sit on his 121 lap then look at me and get up to run of and play with toys. In essence OB had to be shown what you do when your collected . Well now, as soon as he sees either myself or husband come to collect him, he sprints down the corridor and launches himself into you for the biggest cuddle, a massive smile on his face saying Mummy/Daddy..... It was not that he was unhappy to see us or that had not missed us, its the fact that the way he works he would just would not think about it. We are still working on saying goodbye as school is far more exciting but I have a feeling we are not alone there.

Another huge step forward came this week, I had a doctors appointment, when I told him I was going to see a doctor his face fell and he looked very concerned, his big blue eyes looking right into mine (eye contact again has not come easily to him) "are you OK Mummy" came the worried little question with real feeling in his voice, of course darling I just need to have a quick check up. This is amazing because he showed that he was firstly concerned for someone and secondly the fact if they were OK. This is a massive step forward for him in understanding concern for others and voicing that verbally.

Then when I got back, he ran over with sheer delight shouting the words "I missed you Mummy" throwing his arms around me. Again this showing of emotion and care are huge steps forward for a little one with autism, when he noticed I had a blood test he asked if I was OK.

These small steps mean the world to us they show he is starting to understand emotions ans feel concern for others.

Below is a link that talks more abut the social communication this is an area OB really needs a lot of support with, as I mentioned above all children who are autistic are different and have different areas that they struggle with, these are our experiences and I hope will help others starting their autism journey.

You can see the real key words are small steps we have made, sometimes you may feel your not moving forward and sometimes your moving backwards then an event will happen and you will see how far your little one has come.

The Twinkle Diaries


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  1. Aww this is really great. I bet your heart melted when he came and gave you those hugs and was all concerned. Those moments are the bestt. Glad he is doing so well xx #twinklytuesday

    1. Sarah it was the most amazing thing and it still makes me cry xxx

  2. Aaah this kind of story makes my heart want to burst!! How absolutely gorgeous — you must have felt SO proud :) And so you should — that's really fabulous progress :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro |

    1. Its so lovely that people feel as much as I did, these small steps just mean so much xx

  3. I love this post and can just imagine how much these steps mean to you! So happy for you lovely, you're an amazing mum and he's very lucky to have you and vice versa x
    Stevie xx thanks for linking up to #Picknmix Fridays

    1. Thanks for your kind words Stevie, he is one amazing little man who has come so far and has so much potential xxx

  4. Totally agree that sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back. It sounds like OB has made amazing progress. We were lucky Ethan would always rush up to us when we collected him but never batted an eyelid when left. Now he clings to me, and sticks like glue. He never shows emotion if he hasn't seen me all day though when I return home, that can get me. So many things to work on ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. OB was the same had no idea i had even left other than when he was ill with his type 1, its only very recently that he is showing emotional empathy and still will laugh when people are upset, though this seems to make him popular at school???? xxxx

  5. Aww this is a lovely post, I can only imagine how it must have felt the first time he ran up to you when you picked him up! Great that he is making so much progress. Thanks for linking up to #PickNMix

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it was so amazing though now he does not want to leave school ;o) xxx

  6. Totally agree with the steps forward and back, my littlest is just starting to understand others emotiosn, others think he comes across as uncaring. With 3 older children on the spectrum we just know he is still learning in his own way #SSAA

    1. We are the same with OB, poeple think that he does not care. Love that thought learning in his own way great idea xxx


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