Sunday, 1 January 2017

Meal Plan Friday 30th December 2016

Wow the last week has flown past and to add to it I got my days confused and thought I had an extra day to sort my shop out. It all ended up with out next shop coming between 7 and 8am as I could not get a morning slot any later.

The festive meal plan only changed slightly, instead of the potato bake we had Gammon, egg and chips, a request from Mr MC&W. The rich food continues for a few days and then you will see a real change. We did pretty well over Christmas the main indulgences were wine and cheese, we had very few crisps or snack food.

Friday 30th December - Fajitas using the last of the turkey. The boys had cold Gammon and salad bits.

Saturday 31st December - Steak, Chips, Peas and Mushrooms served with a peppercorn sauce followed by our body weight in cheese and red wine. The Boys had fish and chips.

Sunday 1st January - Sausage casserole with jacket potatoes and green beans for us all.

Monday 2nd January - Birds Eye Inspirations do a simple fish in tomato sauce and we have this with rice and roasted vegetables. The boys will have oven baked fish with rice and peas

Tuesday 3rd January - Ratatouille Pie from Jamie Oliver Superfoods family cookbook.. The boys will not eat this as it contains far to many vegetables, they will have little samosas with salad.

Wednesday - Sausage Pasta with Broccoli again from Jamie Oliver Superfoods family cookbook. the boys will be trying this one.

Thursday 5th January - I have found some recipes for a ricotta pasta bake, as we are having ricotta earlier in the week and I want to use it all up.

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