Monday, 9 January 2017

Meal Plan Friday 6th January 2017

Last week we only had one real change to the meal plan. I could not get filo pastry in the shop, so I made a tasty spaghetti dish with all the ratatouille ingredients we had.

This week is a little different, firstly Mr MC&W is working from home all week. Normally he leaves the house by 7am and is not back till just gone 8, so he has both lunch and dinner in London. We are looking at the food we eat and trying some new ideas. This week we got Jamie Oliver's superfoods book and it's filled with lots of ideas.

Mr MC&W and I are going to have dinner together each night as this never happens, though I am concerned we our wine intake may increase, at least we are being healthy with the meals.

Friday - I needed an easy meal so we had cheese tortellini with salad

Saturday- ATM had a party so we all had pasta salad for lunch then Mr MC&W and I had homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken made from the Hairy dieters cookbook.

Sunday - Again we are eating from the Hairy Dieters, a lovely Bolognese which is full of veggies and very little mice beef. The boys will have our normal spat bol.

Monday - Jamie Oliver - Superfoods Salmon, peas and veg. The boys will have the same but with cod.

Tuesday - Jamie Oliver - Superfoods - Samosas - Beef, Onion and sweet potatoes. The boys will be trying these as well.

Wednesday- Jamie Oliver - Superfoods - Spaghetti vine tomatoes with baked ricotta. We are trying Spelt Spaghetti for this one.

Thursday - Jamie Oliver - Superfoods - Bombay Chicken, cauliflower and Poppadoms. The boys will be having a simple  Chicken Korma.

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