Monday, 19 January 2015

Meal Plan Monday 19th January 2015

It's cold and we need comfort food also I am shattered and need easy food.....

Monday - Birds eyes fish chargrills with new potatoes and spinach the boys are having fish fingers, mash and peas

Tuesday - Cauliflower Cheese bake I am going to try this with the boys

Wednesday - Fast Fix Fried Rice boys will have pasta with salad

Thursday - Bonfire night Jackets again from BBC Good Food the boys love this meal

Friday - Thai chicken (quorn) baked in the oven BBC Good Food the boys also like this meal

Saturday - Spag Bol shock horror again for the whole family

Sunday - Roast Chicken with the works


  1. It sounds as if you eat some nice meals (and varied ones too), but I'd like to see a few photos! When I am deciding what to cook, I start with the visual aspects first.

    1. Your right mark I really want to start adding some photos. Just getting the camera sorted out at the moment. I need to try and make them look nicer than the photos seem to come out :0)

  2. What a great plan for the week. How's it gone? I think, like Mark, I want some pictures ;-) always enjoy a mouthwatering pic. Might be worth starting to save up a database of your favourites :-)

  3. Went really well, esp the cauliflower bake which I have some photos of. But one to make with no children around I have four pans going at one time.