Tuesday, 27 January 2015

RSPB Great Garden Birdwatch

We have always fed the birds, I was brought up in a house where every winter my mum would be sending us out with food for the birds, the diversity in species and numbers of birds in her garden would provide some interesting reading.

Like many families across the UK we participated in the annual RSPB birdwatch, I say we, in fact it was myself who did the birdwatch. Our 4 year old has special needs which means he has concentration issues at the best of time and our youngest pottered in and out. The bird watching was interrupted several times to get drinks and children needing the loo so you never know we may have missed a very rare sight indeed.

But I really enjoyed the birdwatch as it made me stop, I stopped and just watched the world go by for around an hour. This is very rare, with two young children your always busy anyway add to that special needs and type 1 diabetes plus a husband who has a very busy and stressful job. its normally a cuppa on the go.

What I have always like about feeding and watching birds is for some reason it clears your mind, for a few moments as you watch them have a little squabble, sit in the tree before waiting to fly down or see who is eating what, your not thinking about everything else and that's very important. To have the ability to stop and look at something totally different even if just for a few moments before going back to the daily routine. In fact I have just put new feeders on the drive so I can watch the birds as I a, washing up, I did not think they would come but they have.

This year I noticed we had two robins not just one and a new bird had arrived a nuthatch which we also have two of. We will continue to feed and watch the birds as its not only helping the birds its helping us.

Our count was

8 Blue Tits
2 Robins
2 Blackbirds
3 Chaffinches
3 House Sparrows
2 Nuthatches
1 Woodpecker
2 Pigeons
Oh and a buzzard flying over the house.


  1. Wow you had a better turn out that we did!!
    Was a great thing....but as you said there is that added joy of just stopping when doing it.

    1. We live in the middle of nowhere and been feeding for a few years they are like extra children to me. Yes as I am sure you know it's the ability to stop that's not easy. I have a lovely outdoor home education twitter I follow you may like.