Monday, 26 January 2015

Meal Plan Monday 26th January 2015

This week is I must admit is rather full of simple comfort food that I can kind of throw together.  It's a big week in terms of talking about how our eldest moves forward in his education and the last thing I need is trying to cook anything complicated.

Monday - Gnocchi with a blue cheese sauce for Mummy and Daddy MCW. The little ones it will be Gnocchi with a tomato Sauce

Tuesday - Sausages with Pasta I am going to try this with the boys I never really know how they react to sausages sometimes I get clean plates other times a resounding yuck

Wednesday - Omelets and chips very simple ham, cheese and mushrooms but still very tasty. Boys hate them so will be having waffles, eggs and lots of salad

Thursday - Tuna Pasta bake the boys do not like this one so will be having cheesy pasta

Friday - Homemade Burgers with the blue cheese from earlier this week. Burgers will be homemade. Boys will have spag Bol

Saturday - Mr MCW is out so myself and the boys will have fish and chips

Sunday - Pork chops with all the trimmings


  1. I bet you can hardly wait for the day when the whole family eats the same!

  2. Very much so, though just pleased eldest is eating :0)

  3. Its so nice to be able to cook what I like-bit scared of having children who are fussy-how do you cope??!! Helen x

    1. I tried OB eating the same as us but he ended up eating nothing and I was getting really fed up. So I decided I would cook for the boys stuff I know they will eat then at least once a week something I know is new. It's hard work but I plan carefully and their meals tend to be very simple :0)