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Small cold steps

It was a cold, wet and windy Saturday afternoon, for some reason I decided it would be the perfect time to start tackling the front garden. I made several discoveries during what felt like the coldest 40mins of my life.

I need some new Wellington boots mine are dead and for some reason have split across the foot area to go along with this discovery I need some thick socks and lets get personal here some thermal undies!!!! My feet were numb and I think it took three cups of tea to defrost me.

Let's get back to the garden shall we, I decided to start clearing the small border near the front door along with the dead ivy. Peeling old woody ivy from the wall I must admit was very satisfactory, it was a little like peeling wallpaper when you get a long strip that just comes away. I also discovered that if I used the outside brush on the wall more of the tiny bits left came off. See I am full of handy garden tips, brush your walls to remove dead ivy. I have discovered we have three planters on our back wall, these have all been covered by ivy, sadly no secret door though. As you can see it's been so long they have been seen one has a tree growing out of it. I am determined to get these functioning again, it will look so pretty to have these planted with seasonal colour.

Below our tree in a small planter.

I ended up wondering if I have achieved anything other than being covered in dust, cobwebs and unable to feel fingers and toes. I looked at the wall which did not look any different to when I first went out but the wheelbarrow was full of ivy I must be making small inroads, I keep telling myself it's not going to be an over night success.

The next discovery is that the small border is full of stones and bricks, I have been thinking about this area tonight. It gets very messy and the soil is dreadful, firstly the is not much soil secondly it's full of the roots for the ivy. Maybe I will not plant this area but instead invest in some funky pots, I can have lots of colour and interest throughout the year, if I was to keep it a border I doubt I could get to take off. I need to look at how best level the ground out and tidy it up before i go shopping for pots.

The awful soil I found in the border.....

So I think we are starting to tidy up. I am off to look at pots for the front garden, no sorry to look into ways of tidying up the ground the pots will sit on. 

Starting to look neater....


  1. Well its a start! You're much braver than I to go out in this today. Far too cold!! Good job starting....cant wait to see what happens next.

  2. All I can it was bitter but pleased to do it. Nee to be determined to get it sorted as it will look nice I am sure


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