Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Fresh Start

The blog has been playing on my mind, I have started so many posts and deleted them not happy with anything I have written. I decided to have a long think about what I wanted from doing this. My day to day life is full of dealing with two young boys and also the constant ups and downs of a child with special needs and type 1 diabetes. The waiting by the phone incase school call to ask for advice or needing me to take him home as he has had a sever hypo or his readings are too high. Then on top is the worry about school, is he having to move to the local special needs school, his education healthcare plan needs updating, he has not received any of his NHS speech therapy. As you can see I have a lot to blog about, but writing about it was not making me happy.
I have been enjoying twitter a lot, I like to have a chat and more than happy to start a conversation, what I have really found out is my love of talking about the garden, food and wildlife. So this is where my blog is going, I am going to concentrate things that make me happy, that take my mind away from everyday life. I have already posted about how gardening has become very important helping me deal with stress.
I am very new to gardening so if you fancy a laugh at my learn as I go gardening, please be gentle with me all you excellent gardeners. Cooking disasters and a few success that I will put up for sharing along with the weekly meal plans. To our amazing selection of birds and wildlife we get in our country garden and how I can attract more. I would love for you to join me.......

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  1. I completely empathise with you here. Sometimes I have lots going on that I want to blog about and the moment I sit and read stuff back then I realise how unhappy it makes me. Be it my writing style or the topic. Blogging for me is a lively and joyful thing but you've got to keep sometimes to the joys that make you happy.
    Otherwise it can easily become a monotonous place.
    I decided back in September to change the direction of my blog. Originally I had two blogs and running them simultaneously. My decision was to make a blog that it's USP was me. From kids, church, home ed, activities that we do together or just general stuff about me: health, love, dating or just generally things that I enjoy. Since then it's gone back to a pleasurable thing. I don't feel under pressure to present myself through a topic and do so half heartedly. Now if I want to do a post about my drawings cos they make me happy then this what I'll do.
    I think the route you're going is awesome. You clearly putting a stamp of you into the blog will make you fall back in enjoying it again.

    I'll definitely be coming back more and more to see how you're getting on. :-)

    1. Snap, ypu want to write about things that make you happy. There are some amazing special needs blogs but it's just not me. :0)

  2. Great plan, hope you feel happier with it now.
    I struggle with self esteem at the moment, and i feel like i upset people, worry about what to post incase there is something similar that i have missed! i know that my writing isnt fantastic, but im going to keep trying, becuase ultimately im blogging for me, the photos and memories that i can keep.
    I love twitter, but i do feel like i struggle to keep up and miss lots.

  3. Much happier, I think the crucial part is talking about what you enjoy. I too am not great with the writing and re read it over so many times. Keep going and enjoy what you write and have fun. Hopefully as you write more your confidence will grow xxxx

  4. sometimes taking a step back just helpes to re-evaluate things :)

  5. Am so glad I got to read this again. It's a great post. Even recently with how my posts have changed to what it was. It's still the same blog but even in 2 months it's massively changed. Who would have thought I would have known what a linky was or Co hosting one. Our lives change and so does our blogs. But we still need to take a break sometime and restart. #bigfatlinky