Monday, 9 February 2015

Something has changed

I have been pottering in the garden for a week or so now, today was the first day I did not run back into the house with numb fingers and toes. In fact it was just lovely outside, the sun was shinning and there was some warmth on my back.

I have achieved quite lot bearing in mind I have very limited time, as you can see a lot of ivy has been sorted out and taken down, the bin area has been swept and tidied up. I have come to a conclusion I am not going to be planting the tiny border and I will put down a mulch or gravel to tidy up then get some pots so that we can keep the interest year round. If we just had a tiny little border with ivy roots I think it would be mess.


The mess of a tiny border now sorted out ready to put down gravel or mulch

I have uncovered two on the wall planters, there is a third but I am trying to decide if just to keep the ivy there and have the two but then these things look much better in odd numbers. So I have a feeling there will be more ivy removed.

The planter with tree included, this is now removed and ready for some pretty flowers

Now I can get to the point of what's changed, whilst wondering round the garden center trying to keep on eye on the youngest and look at some plants to go into the planters we have already, I realised I was not just looking at the plants with almost a blank mind. I was looking at the plants and thinking what colours would work, which plant would work in which planter. This may to some seem a very odd realisation but it's the first time I have ever done this. I do not think I have ever really looked at plants before, with the thought that would look good there or wow that planted with that will just look amazing. I would just wonder round picking things up and quickly putting them down, almost as if I were scared of having a go, what if I get it wrong.

I am off in a couple of days to buy the compost and some plants for the two wall planters and two small planters by the front door and for once some real thought is going into it. Let's hope I can make it look nice and if not I do mind as I am having a go.


  1. Hi thought I'd post a comment hope that's ok. I love wall planters there's so many interesting things you can do with them. I particularly like them for edibles like herbs but this is mainly because we have a dog that wees all over everything in our garden and this is the only safe way for us to grow them!! I'll def follow your progress I love a good project thanks for checking out my blog and getting in touch on twitter all the best

    1. Thank you for the comment and follow. What a lovely idea doing herbs, I am going to give that some thought. Lovely to have you along for the journey x

  2. I never know when to start gardening in a new year! My garden needs a desperate sort out & mow. I'm glad to see you've started! I may get out this weekend weather dependent! Good luck with buying plants, I'll be intrigued to see how it all turns out :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your interest, I am so rubbish but I am going for it. I am sure I will amuse you in posts to come about how not to garden xx