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D Day

I very rarely post about special needs and type 1, I found that I needed the garden and food writing to concentrate the mind away from day to day life. Today though was a big day in our household and something I felt I needed to write a short blog about it as it may help someone else come to terms with hearing the diagnosis.

We were officially told our eldest OB was on the Autistic Spectrum, most parents of children who are autistic know deep down this is the case, however when a doctor sits you down after doing all the tests and tells you it's different. You know whatbthey are going to say, it's not changed anything, he is still the same child, but inside your fighting back the tears of something you knew deep down was coming.

I am sat here with a large glass of wine trying to get my head around everything and how we feel. It is a combination of relief, we have the diagnosis, I was not going mad imagining that something was just different about his development. But also he now has that label what does that mean in the long term?

It has in fact reignited our fight for our little man, we want him to have a successful life, to be happy and independent. We are damn sure we are going to do everything we can do to help him find his path in life.

So here we go again, to fight the battles and make sure that all the relevant parties are coming together to do what's right for our man. We have discovered he has a love of numbers and learns in his own way so let's celebrate that and move forwards and upwards......

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  1. There is a huge amount of people on Twitter that will help x
    It is a huge step for all.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes I have been amazed by twitter so far x

  2. I can imagine that this is difficult for you to get your head around and so many conflicted feelings, like you have said, around it. The fact that it has reignited the fight for you guys for him is fantastic. There are many opportunities out there and support available. Have you found others on twitter that have helped. There are a couple of blogging mummies out there with autistic children. If youre not already following them then let me know. Drop me a tweet and I'll connect you up. Hope the large glass of wine helped a little though!
    Thanks for Linking this up with us on the #bigfatlinky I hope others will see this and maybe help in some ways. Always around if you need a chat. :-)

    1. Thanks Martyn, I am following a few mummy's with children on the spectrum and also I have a wonderful group of friends and we all have children on the spectrum. We are doing ok to be honest just so hard to hear from the professionals for some reason. But he is my cheeky little boy always

  3. What a brave post. My twins are as different as night and day. One is the talker of the two. He'll spend the day copying everything I say, so it's important to me that I watch every. single. thing i say very closely. , and the other is the thinker. there isn't a puzzle that is safe around him. They both just turned 2 and We don't know if there's an issue with my little thinker in terms of his language skills or not, and i'm so scared to have him tested.

    1. Hi Spike, it's such a hard time trying to know what to do for the best. Our little boy is nearly five they always want to see how they progress and give them time to develop. We knew from 18 months something was different about his development, no eye contact, no language just babble now at four we have have language developing, eye contact but not always but still plays on his own etc. Does your little one have any words

  4. Hi luv, you must be overwhelmed by the news right now. Such a big thing to 'know' at last but it is good to have the diagnosis so you can arm yourself with information to help your boy. Life throws curve balls into our lives, it's how we choose to respond that matters. Sharing this with others is such a strong thing to do. Big hugs. xxx

    1. I always wonder if I should share these story's but feel others will get something out of it and that they are not alone. Your right it's how we deal with the information and move forward. Thanks for the kind words xx

  5. You must be filled with contradicting emotions right now. As a teacher I hope that he and you get all of the support you need from the school. As a parent I wish you all the best of luck fighting those battles and look forward to reading more about your super little man and his love of numbers. Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky

    1. Thanks Al your right so many mixed emotions, the school are amazing they have spent money on visual aids that he loves, they have a lot of experience of children on the spectrum and are a small school. He has memorised a friends house number and started counting backwards. Love him and love the #bigfatlinky

  6. It must be hard to deal with, it sounds like you have a great attitude to deal with it all. I hope you get all the support you need.x

    1. Thank you for your kind words, we have a very positive attitude about how he can be happy and achieve )

  7. This is such a brave post to write. Even if you had guessed in your heart that you son was autistic I can imagine hearing the diagnosis was hard. It sounds like your son has wonderful parents who would do anything for their children. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Your very right it was hearing it from a proffesional is the hardest I knew it and wanted to cry. Now the hard bit try and get everything we can funding wise xx


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