Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Baking..... the new chapter

I used to do quite a lot of baking, mainly cakes. Then came along baby number one followed 17 short months later baby number two, baking as you can imagine got rather neglected. I know some amazing mummy's manage to cook and look after two young children, I was not one of them.  My sister is the most amazing cake, biscuit and rocky road maker even with two young children.

Then just under a year ago type 1 diabetes entered our life and I was so scared of sending OB levels high with the amount of cake mixture he eats I cut back on baking even more.

I have made a few cakes over the last few months, but let me tell you about a couple of typical disasters I have had. Our oven in the new house is not flat so all my cakes turn out higher one side than the other, to be honest if they rise at all. I have had Victoria Sponge cakes that look like thin plates and do not get me started on where I go wrong with scones, no matter what I try they still do not rise.

So to amuse you all even more than just flowing my interesting gardening techniques, I am going to try and start baking again and will be sharing this with you. I am fed up of buying expensive boring cakes so think it's time I gave it another go.

I hope in a few days time to start a few posts and you can all share in my what I am sure will be baking disasters, I promise I will post pictures and be very honest.

 It is going to be a good job I can laugh at myself.


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    1. Ha ha wait till you see what I produce sure you will have a good laugh