Sunday, 8 February 2015

Meal Plan Monday 9th February 2015

It's a busy week in the Mud Cakes and Wine household and the meals may have to be moved about a bit as Mr MCW is out but not sure when and shock horror I am out with my girls as we call ourselves the "Autism Massive" as all our boys are on the spectrum

Monday - Baked Mushroom Risotto the boys will be having a Tomato Risotto

Tuesday - We will be having Prawn Laska style dish the boys will be having cheesy pasta

Wednesday - Mango chicken from BBC Good food
the boys will have homemade breaded chicken, mash and peas

Thursday - All the boys will be having Jacket Potatoes and I am out having pizza

Friday - Chili with All the sides you would ever want I am going to try the boys on this as well

Saturday - A meal for everyone from the wonderful people at cook 

Sunday - It's the FIL birthday, everyone is round to us MIL providing buffet food and lots of drinks 

Love this two nights noooooo cooking 

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