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Meal Plan Friday 1st October 2021

  It has been so long since I have written up the weekly meal plan. But I really missed doing it and am thrilled to be back. Today is a cold, grey and wet day needing some comfort food for the next couple of days. Friday - Scampi, Chips and Peas. Fish fingers for the boys. Saturday - Lasanga for us all. M&S do a really nice family one. With salad and garlic bread. Sunday - Cola Gammon with roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli  Monday - Chicken and Spinach Alfredo. Without the spinach for the boys. I have found this recipe but going to see if I can make it a little simpler and easier to prepare. BBC Good Food Chicken spinach bacon alfredo pasta bake Tuesday - Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon I am going to try the boys on this. BBC Good Food Slow cooker beef bourguignon Wednesday - Dominoes as it is our middle little boys 10th birthday Thursday - Aubergine and halloumi bake I will add some peppers and serve with couscous. Tomato soup and baguettes for the boys. BBC Good Food Aubergine hallo
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Meal Plan Friday 13th August 2021

  Another week and August is passing rather fast. A few meals we have not had in a while as food was getting a little bit all the same. Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for us all Saturday - Box meal from Tesco for a rest from cooking. Mac and Cheese for the boys. Sunday - BBQ with homemade burgers Monday - Pinch of Nom Thai Spiced Fish and Noodles. Less spice for the boys. Tuesday - Pinch of Nom Med Chicken and Orzo. Chinese Chicken Curry for the boys Wednesday - Pinch of Nom Quorn Fajita Pie. Wraps for the boys. Thursday - Beef Ragu cooked in the slow cooker with pasta BBC Good food Beef ragout

Meal Plan Friday 30th July 2021

  I am writing this with the wind and rain lashing against the window with a cup of tea and the Olympics highlights on the TV. You would think it was mid-October not the middle of summer. This week Mr MC&W has off work but it is a manic month for his job so we can not make any real plans but we will have a few treat meals. Friday - Scampi or Fish Fingers and Chips and peas Saturday - Lasagna as a ready meal for us all Sunday - Fajitas cooked on the BBQ Monday - Cook Beef Stroganoff with pasta. Tortellini for the boys. Tuesday  - Pizza and Salad Wednesday - Fish and Chips on the beach Thursday - Cook honey and ginger chicken with rice. Chicken Curry for the boys.

Meal Plan Friday 23rd July 2021

  I have not written a meal plan for weeks, I started my own business and it has all been a little bit manic. I am not working long hours but trying to get everything done has proved interesting. My meal planning has still happened but has been very last minute which is not helpful. So I am trying to get better at it. Also, this weather has not helped bright and too hot one day and thunderstorms the next. Friday - Posh Fish Fingers and Chips Saturday - Spag Bol Sunday - Roast Chicken Monday - Easy Singapore Noodles -  this looks great and is a new meal. BBC Good Food Singapore noodles Tuesday - Spiced Salmon Traybake. Salmon, roast pots and peas for the boys. BBC Good Food Spiced salmon traybaked sag aloo Wednesday - Sausage Pasta Bake. This is a little extra work but looks and sounds lovely. Be a good one for the boys to help with. BBC goodfood Sausage pasta bake Thursday - Spicy Chicken Fillets, Mash and Peas. Easy food my favourite

Friday 18th June 2021

  What a change in in the weather in such a short time. It has already effected my work which is a shame some catching up this week to be done. Friday - Spag Bol Saturday - Scampi and Chips Sunday - BBQ it may be indoors Monday - Thai Prawn and Rice BBC Good food Thai fried prawn pineapple rice Tuesday - Gnocchi from madhouse its with Broccoli and Mushrooms with a creamy cheesy sauce. Wednesday - Pizza sweet chilli for us and the boys will have what ever toppings they fancy Taste au Cheats sweet chilli chicken pineapple pizza Thursday -  Greek Traybake for us meatballs for the boy as will use minced beef. BBC good food Greek lamb tray bake                                      

Meal Plan Friday 11th June 2020

  Last week was a little crazy with lots going on family-wise. This week I am working one day and then I have lots to do with secondary school transition. This is big as our eldest has ASD and type 1. Lots needed to be discussed. Friday - Ready meal box. The boys all had fish and Chips at school so sandwiches for them. Saturday - Fajitas for us all. Sunday - MIL house for a BBQ Monday - Egg Florintee Pizza normal Pizza for the boys. They can put them together themselves BBC Good Food Eggs florentine pizza Tuesday - Sticky Sausages in rolls - these will be with honey and mustard. Wednesday - Chicken Alfredo - we have never had this before but sounds quick and easy and tasty.  BBC Good Food Chicken alfredo Thursday - Paella from Ainsley Harroitts. I do cheat a little, I use a pouch of cooked rice so it is a quick meal to make. Eat your simply smokin paella

Meal Plan Friday 28th May 2021

This week has flown past and the meal plan is a little late. But here we are... Friday - Steak, chips, peas, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce for us. Ham egg and waffles for the boys. Saturday - Fish and chips for us all Sunday - Slow roast pork shoulder Monday - Caesar Salad for us and tortellini for the boys. Tuesday - Spiced Salmon for us, I am going to do a different spiced topping. Tuna fishcakes for the boys. Delicious Magazine Dukkah salmon, fennel, courgette, herb, couscous Wednesday - Filled croissants and Salad for us all Delicious magazine Hot cheesy brunch croissants Thursday - Simple easy pasta with garlic bread for us all. Slightly simpler for the boys. BBC good food Pasta, mozzarella, mint, fresh tomato sauce