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Meal Plan Friday 27th December 2019

The last meal plan of the year and the next one will be rather more healthy. We are lucky had had a rather indulgent Christmas, however we do not like waste and this plan is rather a use up one.  Lunches are just using up the meats and cheeses with bread. Friday - Gammon, Egg and Chips to use up the Christmas Ham Saturday - Turkey Curry for Mr MC&W and I. The boys will have Chinese turkey noodles. Sunday - Mr MC&W decided he wanted these posh sausages from the butcher where we got our turkey from but we did not need them for Christmas lunch. So we will eat them up in a sausage casserole as the MIL is coming round. The boys will have them with beans and mash and broccoli. Monday - Lasagna for us thanks to Charlie Bigham as I wanted a break form cooking. The boys wanted tomato soup. Tuesday - new year eve - We have a lot of cheese so it will be a cheese fest for us snacking on with apples and grapes. The boys will have pizza and salad. Wednesday - Roast beef with al

December Garden Review

It has been so long since I last wrote a garden update, I have been training so I can hopefully go back to work, combine this with the almost constant rain and children getting poorly I have not managed to get outside for ages. Below shows how our clay soil is coping with the rain.... Today I managed to get outside, start to clear down and see what needs to be done.  Firstly these grapes, what a mess. I did not have the time to do anything with the grapes we grew and the butterfly's and insects did love them late autumn when they needed the food, but this left over mess I really hate. I am thinking about if I want to keep the grape vines or look for something else. The vines grow fast and look OK but it is a plant I really have not grown to love. A good hour of tidy up and the joys of a step ladder in the garden, it looks much better. I am not sure I should be doing this now but the plant was getting mouldy and I cut back to a node each time. So hopefully not

Meal Plan Friday 20th December 2019

Well it has been sometime since I last managed to upload a meal plan. Rest assure we have been eating just very busy with training, Christmas, birthdays, school and everyone getting poorly. I can not remember a time I have missed so many plans. So here we are coming up to Christmas and getting closer to another new year. I will be back to sharing my meals as I have missed it. Friday - Sausages in rolls with red onions just sausages for the boys Saturday - Caesar Salad for us and Chinese Chicken Noodles for the boys Sunday - Spag Bol Monday - Scampi, chips and peas. Fish Fingers for the boys. Tuesday - Curry this was Mr MC&W family tradition and one I am more than happy to continue on. I will be cooking a ham in cola today and if any of it lasts we will be having it over the next week. Problem is we tend to pick at it on Christmas eve. Wednesday - Well Roast rolled turkey breast with carrots cooked in orange juice and honey, roast potatoes, parsnips and everything else