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Fancy a garden tour?

With everything going on I have discovered more and more the delights of our garden. The garden is a mess and it's taking a lot of back breaking work but it's just what I need at the moment, digging and then weeding you can get lost in everything. Most of the time I have my boys with me so have a combination of gardening and being invited to a tea party of muddy water and a mint and basil cake or pulling all the flowers from any shrub or rose and telling me it's party time. I thought I would post a few photos to show what we are working with and how we are moving forward, be it very slowly. A image of the borders I am trying to clear out. This is my amazing but very small part of our bramble jungle that needs to be gotten rid of, though not before we have lots of blackberrys to put into vodka. I also need to rescue our sloes from the brambles, need to get my prioritys right, sloe vodka is amazing. This is our front border at the moment, as you can see I need to continu

Meal Plan

Our meal plan for Thursday 28th August 2014. As mentioned we are starting from scratch with OB food to see where things are going wrong. Thursday - broccoli and mushroom gnocchi from the madhouse cook book by Jo Pratt - boys are having plain pasta with cheese grated on top carrots and broccoli Friday - Homemade Burgers with blue cheese - boys are having gnocchi with a tomato sauce but I will purée down the sauce so there are no bits. Saturday - fahitas - boys are having homemade pizza using left over sauce from yesterday. Sunday - lasagna Monday - Chicken Potato curry in a hurry again from the madhouse cookbook by Jo Pratt - boys are having mini roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli Tuesday - Jacket potato with tuna mayo or baked beans everyone is having this Wednesday - smoked salmon pasta - boys are having carbonara

Meal time blues

It's been a long old week in our household and yet again it's food that is making us want to bury our heads in the sand. OB has always had issues around food mainly involving texture and the look. But now he has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this means when I administer his insulin I need him to eat or he can hypo which means blood sugar running to low and he will not feel very well (putting it mildly). We inject before meals as it's to easy to forget after and I feel have your injection them yummy food is a good way round. So when you have given the injection and for the fourth day running he looks at the meals he normally eats says yuck and demands cake you wonder a few things. Is it the food are the issues regarding texture and look increasing or is he in fact thinking if I do not eat i get something sweet so let's cut straight to sweet or is this a normal child development and it's a phase. Tonight I got to a point we had given him his insulin and sat him

Meal Plan

Thursday 21st August The other half is off work for a week so I have gone for some mega easy meals please do not look down on me but here we go Thursday - bacon and tomato pasta Friday - hubbies choosing meal from Waitrose boys having gnocchi Saturday - £10 dine in from tesco boys having homemade pizza Sunday - roast chicken with all the trimmings Monday - gammon eggs and chips Tuesday - Chinese box boys having tortellini Wednesday - chicken, mash and green veg

Meal plan Thursday (updated on Saturday)

Sorry not quite sure what's caused the delay or where the time has gone maybe it's been my slight obsession with Pinterest Thursday - Quick fried rice ala BBC good food Friday - Honey and mustard sausages with fried onions in baguettes boys having homemade pizza Saturday - Tacos the boys will have spaghetti bolognaise using the mince Sunday - Party time at the brother in laws Monday - Calzone we are having mushroom and goats cheese boys to have a tomato and mozzarella Tuesday - baked spaghetti Wednesday - risotto with peas and topped with baked fish there is a little bit of cheating here I am using the birds eye fish that's flavoured with herbs and I just have to pop in the oven and risotto will be cooked all in one not the official way (sorry but a

Meal plan Thursday

Meal plan 7th August 2014 Thursday - gnocchi with cream sauce broccoli and mushrooms from madhouse cookbook Friday - Fish, Chips and peas Saturday - curry box (need a days rest) boys will have gnocchi and tomatoe sauce Sunday - roast beef and all the trimmings Monday - Pork stir fry - I have to admit to using a shop sauce Tuesday - Tagatelli with cheese sauce ham and mushrooms Wednesday - tuna pasta bake