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Meal Plan Friday 28th September 2018

Can not believe it is going to be October this week coming. We have had some beautiful weather here in the South East which has felt like a treat, but the nights are cold and the comfort food is hitting the spot. Friday - Smoked Mackerel and beetroot salad for Mr MC&W and myself. The boys had school lunch so picnic dinner for them. Saturday - Spag Bol Sunday - French Style Chicken and Bacon - The boys will have roast chicken breast and both meals with have roast potatoes and greens French style chicken with peas-and-bacon   Monday - Gnocchi with broccoli and mushrooms for us all. This is from Jo Pratts The Madhouse Cookbook Tuesday - Tortellini for the boys with peas and cheese. We will have Salmon with beets and lentils Mustardy salmon beetroot lentils Wednesday - Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken for us all. This will be with noodles as we are having rice on Thursday. Easy sweet and sour chicken Thursday - Beef curry in the slow cooker using quorn strips for us all

Growing Cosmos from seed

While wondering around the garden centre in May I spotted a packet of Cosmos seeds, I had brought some Cosmos plants last year and fallen in love with them, but they were a little expensive. A thought hit me, try and grow my own, I grew some beautiful Dhailas last year, so why not give it a go. I planted the seeds in some trays I had received my winter bedding plants in, using the cpmpost I had brought to plant the hanging baskets with. The poor seeds were really neglected, they were left out at night when it was cold (even a frost) and I kept forgetting to water them. I was left with these awful leggy seedlings and a feeling of total failure, I potted them into larger pots to see if I could rescue the some of them. The weather was warming up and I watered them everyday and they began to get stronger and stronger until they were ready to be planted out. Then came the heatwave and they for some reason thrived. I watered them with some water from the washing up

Meal Plan Friday 21st September 2018

We are not doing well on using bits up at the moment and wasting more than I would like to. This really annoys me so I need to try harder on this over the next while.  We did not have the chicken korma melts as we treated ourselves to a pizza so that will be one to put back on the meal plan soon. Friday - Fish with roasted med veg and new potatoes - this I will be honest, is all convenience food and need either cooking in the oven or microwave. The boys are having mains at school so will have a picnic tea Saturday - Chicken burgers with wedges for us all Sunday - slow cooker sausage casserole with mash and greens for us all Monday - Spicy ratatouille with eggs and Parmesan from Gino Healthy Italian. The boys will have tomato soup and crusty bread. Tuesday - Peri Peri Chicken Pilaf. The boys will have this but not as spicy. Peri peri chicken pilaf Wednesday - Paprika Pork in a pot, for us all with mash and green beans Marys paprika pork in a pot Thursday - Prawn and

Meal Plan Friday 14th September 2018

We seem to be flying through September and now we are back into some kind of routine life is getting a little easier for us all. Meals again are early for the boys and simple, they are starving and if not fed too soon would just fill themselves up on rubbish. Friday - Fish and chips for the boys (waffles for the eldest) and Scampi and Chips for myself and Mr MC&W Saturday - Ham Hock Burgers for us all Ham hock burgers Sunday - Melting Mushroom wellingtons for Mr MC&W and I. The boys will have jackets, sausages and veggies Melty mushroom wellingtons Monday - Chicken Korma Melts for us all Chicken korma melts Tuesday - Pasta with mozzarella, mint and fresh tomatoes for us all Pasta with mozzarella mint and fresh tomato sauce Wednesday - Shepard's Pie Jackets for us all Shepherds pie jackets Thursday - Winter Nicoise Salad  Winter tuna nioise

GYO update - Summer 2018

I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on our little GYO adventure. This is our first time trying things out and we have had some real success and some total disasters. Courgettes, at first were a massive success, I only had one plant producing and I ended up having to give some away. They are now not producing so well and seeming to go rotten at the tip which is very sad to see. Though the family were getting a little bored of courgette going into every meal. I was convinced these sweetcorn had failed as we only had two, so the boys and I pulled it up. We had a look and were gutted because it had worked and we pulled it too early. We have had many tomatoes from the two plants I got from the garden centre. These at first did not ripen and now we have had lots, not a glut but I have not had to buy them in around two months which is amazing. The beetroot and carrots we have been pulling up and using in many dishes and have been brilliant, again not

Meal Plan Friday 7th September 2018

So the first week of school is all but done and the realisation that I must be planned with quick and easy meals or ones that go in the slow cooker hit hard.  Sometimes easier said than done. I have noticed the food bill creeping up too so need to keep an eye on that. Friday - Chili Chicken Wraps. I am going to do a simpler version of this for the boys and add veggies into the meal. Chilli chicken wraps Saturday - Moussaka as a ready meal as Mr MC&W is playing golf for the boys Quorn burgers. Sunday - McDonald's for the boys as a well done treat. We will have Pork Schnitzel Monday - Prawn and Coconut laksa. The boys will have the noodles with chicken and less spicy Prawn and coconut laksa Tuesday - Stuffed Red peppers with Taleggo this is from Gino Healthy Italian and is lovely. Wednesday - Beef Stroganoff, made with quorn for us all Beef stroganoff Thursday - Chicken Breasts in a cream  sage and lime sauce with a mushroom rice. The boys will have this with

Meal Plan Friday 31st August 2018

How did it get to the 31st August and only a few days left of the summer holidays. Next weeks meals are quick and easy, everyone is going to be tired and emotional with the new term starting. Having to get going in the morning I am not looking forward to. Though listening to them constantly bicker and argue I will not miss. Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas for us all Saturday - BBQ as the weather is wonderful Sunday - Chili for Mr MC&W and I, the boys will have spag bol Monday - Spiced honey salmon with cous cous. Carbonara for the boys. Spice and honey salmon with couscous Tuesday - Chicken, mozzarella and pesto parcels with salad. Pizza for the boys as it is their first day back at school. Chicken mozzarella pesto filo parcels Wednesday - Quorn Teryaki for us all Quorn Beef teriyaki Thursday - Neapolitan Rice salad - Gino Healthy Italian. Chicken fingers, mash and peas for the boys.