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Lobelia - Deadheading trial

For the first time I tried Lobelia in one of the hanging baskets, when I first got it I loved the swaths of purple flowers, I went to deadhead and realised it was not that easy and it soon the plant started to look pretty messy. The hanging basket is in full sun most of the day and the weather has been so hot and dry that it has easily dried out and some of the Lobeilia has died and the rest simply look awful. I made a call out to twitter who said I needed to chop it back hard and give it a good soak in the cool.. Areas like this that were pretty dead, I cut back hard. To be honest unsure if it would come back again but had to give it a try. Some other areas I could see new buds forming and did not look so dead so I snipped the dead flowers out. I did try pulling some of the dead flowers out, as it was very time consuming using the snips and I had to be careful. But pulling them out although quicker often lead to me pulling healthy flowers and buds of the pla

Meal Plan Friday 20th July 2018

The school holidays are now happening and its going to be interesting to see how the meal plan goes over the next few weeks. Friday - Steak and chips as a treat as we were meant to be going out but had to cancel. Pizza for the boys and they wanted to try one with ham and pineapple. Saturday - Birds eye southern fried chicken as a burger for us and for the boys ham, eggs and chips Sunday - BBQ for us all Monday - Thursday - Mr MC&W is on holiday but we are staying at home, I did not want to think about food so everyday will be either a ready meal or eating out for lunch or dinner. I felt I needed a break as well from the normal routine.

Meal Plan Friday 6th July a two week plan

It is official I have been rubbish with the meal plans over the last few weeks. I have not enjoyed planning food and we have been so busy time has flown by and I have not had time to write them up.  Here we go a two week special for you Friday 6th  - Pizza and chips for us all Saturday 7th - Fajitas for Mr MC&W and Chicken Curry for the boys Sunday 8th - Sausage Casserole  Monday 9th - Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Broccoli this is a meal from the madhouse cookbook and is so easy and quick Tuesday 10th - Spinach and mint frittata from Gino healthy Italian cookbook Wednesday - Pizza for us all Thursday - Stuffed red peppers another one from Gino Healthy Italian cookbook Friday - Scampi for us and fish fingers for the boys served with chips and peas Saturday - Spag Bol for us the boys are having a McDonald's as a treat for doing so well with their school reports. Sunday - Ready meal for us and spag bol for the boys Monday - Mustard Salmon with beets and lenti

Ready, Steady Kabloom

We received our gifted kabloom seedbombs ages ago, but with all this hot and dry weather I was worried about how we could have a successful seed bombing mission. With no rain in the forecast, I decided something had to be done and came up with a plan.  Firstly where to seedbomb? we have a little border by our backdoor which we are going to let ATM (our middle boy) plant, he also wanted to try out the seedbomb. This border became the perfect place as the seedbombs can nestle among the plants he chooses. The last few days I have been using grey water on the border to get it ready for some plants. Emptying our washing up water that was not too dirty, we use ecover and method products so I was not worried about anything nasty. Any water I saved the whilst running hot or cold tap has also gone on the garden and this border. So we are ready to start seedbombing the border, ATM loved the packaging and noticed straight away that they attract wildlife to the garden and I must adm