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Meal Plan Friday 28th December

The meal plan is a little late as to be honest the last few days the last thing I have wanted to think about was food. We had no idea what we wanted to eat so late last night Mr MC&W and I tried to get a few meal ideas to get us through till new years day. Friday - We had turkey curry we got a sauce form the supermarket and some microwavable rice and the boys had the same. Saturday - Chicken Cesar salad the boys wanted spaghetti hoops and I said that's fine will have it with lots of cheese and salad bits Sunday - Ham Hock Burgers - I will use the left over gammon. The boys will have quorn nuggets, mash and peas Ham hock burgers   Monday - NYE we will have pizza and wedges followed by cheese and lots of prosecco. The boys will also have pizza and salad. Tuesday - Roast beef served on large Yorkshire pudding with roast pots, carrots and peas for us all. Wednesday - Gionos Healthy Spinach and Courgette Frittata. I add some potato to this for a little extra. The boys

A tale of a Christmas Tree Rescue

O nce upon a time a few days before Christmas.... A stressed mother was dragging three children to the garden centre to buying kindling so they would stay warm over the cold winter week. When she happened to see a poor Christmas tree all alone when all others had been sold. The kind mother walked over to the tree and up bounded the salesman its yours for 10.00 The mother could not leave the tree there all alone so had to buy it, in her carriage it went. On getting home she noticed it had soaked her carriage boot where it had been sitting. She quickly removed the cable tie and red plastic packaging. The Little Christmas tree was drowning in thick, waterlogged mud,  no wonder her boot was soaked . The mother ran to her shed full of bikes and scooters, after rummaging around for what felt like a year, she found a largish pot and found some compost, it was all the poor mother could find so had to do.  The sad little Christmas tree was re potted.  We are not sure the

Meal Plan Friday 21st December 2018 - Christmas

So we have made it, the children have finished school and we are on the countdown to Christmas Day. I have ordered a few treats but not too many and we have lots of more savoury snacks arriving than sweet ones.  Friday - Scampi and Chips or myself and Mr MC&W the boys will have quorn nuggets, mash and peas Saturday - Sticky Chinese Chicken Sticky chinese chicken traybake Sunday - We are having a Charlie Bigham beef Stroganoff. Fish, Chips and Peas for the boys. Monday - Curry this is Mr MC&W family tradition again this is a lazy one thanks to Charlie Bigham as this festive break needs to give us all a chance to have time off. I made the mistake of asking the boys and they chose pizza Tuesday - Roast Turkey - we have a boned and rolled turkey breast served with roast potatoes, parsnips, honey baked carrots, red cabbage, sprouts and Broccoli. Plus the normal pigs in blankets and devils on horseback's all served with a lot of gravy Wednesday - Left overs I have

Meal Plan Friday 14th December 2018

I am trying to get my head around Christmas and the meals we will be having. This has only been achieved thanks to a lot of tea. School breaks and an I think we all are in desperate need of a break form it all. Friday - Its my birthday so take way for us. The boys will have tortellini as its Christmas lunch at school and I never know how much they will eat. Saturday - Spag Bol for us all Sunday - Family round so we have beef burgers and quorn burgers with chips and salad. Monday - Neapolitan rice salad from Gino's Healthy Italian cookbook for Mr MC&W and I after a weekend of rather large meals. The boys will have chicken goujons, beans, mash and broccoli Tuesday  - Jacket potatoes with cheese, beans and eggs Wednesday - Chicken Kiev with new pots and salad the boys will have pizza Thursday - Taco Thursday with all the sides you could imagine

Meal Plan 7th December 2018

What a week, we had all three children doing a play last week and each one was on a different day. I am shattered but they were all amazing (proud Mummy alert). The weather has been plain miserable so it is a week of pure comfort food this week.  Friday - Smoked Mackerel Salad for Mr MC&W and I. The boys will have MacDonald's as they all did so well this week and deserved a treat. I will write this one up on the blog as it has evolved from a few ideas into one big salad. Saturday - Burger night for us. The boys will have quorn burgers the chicken style one with a choice of lettuce and tomatoes to go with it. We will have southern fried chicken (thanks Birds Eye) with avocado and a yogurt dressing served with salad and wedges Sunday - Sausage Casserole with jackets Monday - Tuna Pasta bake - we add peppers, mushrooms and onions. The boys have sweetcorn and peas. Tuesday - Pizza and chips - brought in not homemade Wednesday - Slow Cooker Butter Chicken Slow cooker