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Meal Plan Friday 24th July 2020

Not sure where this month has gone, it is going to be a week of getting organised with school uniform. Not shoes but they will be booked in soon as well. I have the joys of seeing if anything still fits. Pretty sure it will not. Friday - Pizza and chips this had to change to fish and chips as Ocado did not deliver the pizza or even give us a sub. Saturday - A cook meal for us as a treat. The boys will have mac and cheese with bacon. Sunday - Meatballs with Spaghetti a family favourite Monday - Cesar Salad for us and pizza for the boys. Tuesday - Pasta with bacon, peppers, peas in a tomato and creme fresh sauce. Wednesday Salmon with Fennel and Beetroot what's exciting is the fennel and beetroot are from the garden. The boys will have fish pie and peas Roasted salmon with beetroot and fennel.html Thursday - Pizza Loaded Fries - Found this on pinch of nom and sounds lovely.

Deadheading Petunia

Today I learned that I have been deadheading my Petunia incorrectly for, wait for this, four years, yes you read correctly four years. I could not understand why my once blooming amazing petunias were not blooming anymore and had black bits on them. I had seen these black things on my Petunias every year but did not really think anything about it.  A google search and I had a breakthrough. My petunias were going to seed as I had been deadheading them incorrectly. I thought all I needed to do was pull out the flower and it would re-flower. Oh, how wrong was I, I needed to be cutting off the whole of the flower head to stop them from going to seed. Going to seed means they slow and stop producing flowers as they believe they have completed their job. I could never understand why they did not look good all summer but other peoples did and now I know. Yesterday I spent all day deadheading. Including several trips to wash hands and snips. Petunias are sticky and when you are deadheading two

Meal Plan Friday 17th July 2020

So home school has ended and summer holidays have begun. I must be honest we are still being very careful as a family. The boys get to meet their new teachers on Monday and that's a busy day for me taking them to and fro from school. Friday - Gammon, Eggs and Chips Saturday - Fajitas Sunday - Tortellini for the boys. It is our anniversary we have a treat from Cook I love their meals we are having Beef Wellington can not wait. Monday - Quorn Thai Noodles. Lots of veggies with Thai curry paste and coconut milk. Tuesday - Braised Peas with bacon, lentils and Cod. Fish pie for the boys. Braised peas bacon lentils and cod Wednesday - Chicken Burgers. I use Birds eye southern chicken with avocado it is really tasty. Thursday - Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Turnovers Ham cheese mushroom turnovers

Meal Planner 10th July 2020

We have one more week of home education and then it is the summer holidays. We have a few new meals here so will be interesting to see how they go down with the family. Friday - Sausages in rolls with honey and mustard onions, no onions for the boys. Saturday - Chicken Curry from a jar  Sunday - Pork and Mushroom Stroganoff Monday - Grilled Gnocchi with broccoli and parma ham Grilled gnocchi with broccoli and parma-ham Tuesday - Speedy Salmon Biryani Salmon biryani Wednesday - Pork Koftas with flatbread Pork Koftas Thursday - Pizza Pasta bake Pizza Pasta Bake

Meal Plan Friday 3rd July 2020

According to my calendar, it is meant to be July, sadly the weather is not on the same page as us and the weather is just miserable. You find yourself planning winter warming meals rather than light summer dishes. What is nice about this week most of the meals we are all having pretty much the same. Friday - Pinch of Nom Egg McMuffin this is in the breakfast section but makes a lovely main meal. Saturday - Homemade Lasanga Sunday - French Style Chicken French style chicken peas bacon Monday - Hosin Quorn Noodles with lots of veggies. This is a made-up dish. Tuesday - Tuna Pasta Bake we have not had this in so long Wednesday - Waffles with mushrooms, spinach, bacon and an egg on top the boys will have it with ham and egg Thursday - Higgidy Pies and Salad. These are a real treat as they are pretty expensive but it will be nice to have an evening from cooking.