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Festive Meal Plan 19th December 2016

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts, it's all been a little crazy in the land of Mud Cakes and Wine. But we are back with a big plan for the festive period. Last year I was not able to plan, our baby arrived over 2 weeks early and then I was rather poorly. This year it is full on planning. I hate waste and to be honest not knowing what we are going to eat stresses me out. We are buying a gammon and rolled turkey breast as we love all the cold meats, salads and sandwiches. The boys eat gammon like sweets. I will be cooking the gammon in cola. I was also able to do my online shop easily, I wrote three lists and got exactly what we need for each meal, hoping not to waste food. Also trying to keep it interesting for the family. Monday 19th - Homemade Pizza - get to choose our own toppings which is always fun. Tuesday 20th - Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese. Simple meal as its school party and haircuts today. Wednesday 21st - Tuna pasta bake. Comfort food is