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Growing Biennials from seed

What I love about twitter is learning form all the gardeners, this year suddenly there was a lot of talk about sewing biennials. What I need to make clear is this started in July. I have had some success with annuals, so thought I should have a look. When reading up, I discovered that included were Sweet Williams and Foxgloves I adore both. I found a brilliant article from Higgeldy Garden which made it all make sense, so I ordered some seeds from Higgidy Garden and Chiltern seeds. I planted them all in pots to see if they would germinate. I put a few in each one to see what happened. Some of the seeds were so tiny they got a liberal sprinkling and a hope for the best. I put them in the mini greenhouse with the roof open and watered and fed regularly, I did have to take them out for a while as it was so hot, they nearly cooked. I was pretty shocked to see many had germinated. It took some a lot longer than others but nearly each pot I had some of the seeds germinate.

Meal Plan Friday 27th September 2019

How did we get to the end of September? I am not sure what we have been doing during September but it has flown past. The weather has been just miserable, the none stop rain and grey clouds. Meal planning went well last week and the sausage casserole was really tasty. Friday - I have chosen some really posh ravioli from Ocado for tonight. I will serve this with a light cream and stock sauce and some extra veggies and garlic bread. The boys are having posh tortellini. Saturday - Boys have asked to make pizza again. We are having a fake nandos chicken marinated in a nandos sauce with chips, salad and coleslaw Sunday - Meatballs for us all  Monday - Gnocchi with pancetta, Spinach and Parmesan I expect I will use bacon instead. This is for us all with the boys will have broccoli rather than spinach Gnocchi pancetta, spinach-parmesan-cream Tuesday - Double bean and with roasted pepper chilli I do cheat with this one and use a chilli pack mix. Boys will have tomato Soup. Double

Meal Plan Friday 20th September 2019

Another week has flown past, I am so far keeping on top of everything but I need to get more organised with things like planning lunches and snacks as my brain just can not cope with thinking about it when doing the on line shop. Last weeks meals went really well. The strognoff was really good and the tagine is currently cooking in a slow oven and smells amazing. Friday - Fish, chips and peas for us all Saturday - Mr MC&W did a butchery course so i am cooking a shoulder of lamb i am going to slow cook this thanks to Jamie Oliver. His mum will be coming over. The boys will have homemade pizza as they wanted to make their own.  6-hour slow roasted pork shoulder Sunday - Sticky Chinese lemon chicken for MrMC&W and myself. The boys will have left over pork with roast potatoes etc Sticky lemon chicken Monday - Spiced Halloumi Burger for us and Quorn burger for the boys. Spiced halloumi pineapple burger zingy-slaw   Tuesday - Sausage, oregano, mushro

Meal Plan Friday 13th September 2019

School has ramped up again with homework and so much to remember, my course also started this week. This has made me realise I need to seriously up my organisation if this is all going to work and not come crashing down. Last weeks meal plan went well the two Mary Berry dishes were amazing so will be using that book more. Maybe even looking for a few more of her books. Friday - Fish fingers, chips and peas for the boys. We are having my favourite Charlie Bigham ready meal as I am shattered and this is a great compromise. Saturday - Burger and chips for us all. We get our burgers form our local farm shop and they are lovely. Sunday - I found this new meal on BBC Good food Paprika Chicken and Lentils. The boys will be having a mini chicken roast Crispy paprika chicken tomatoes and lentils Monday - Mediterranean Tuna Tart this again is a new one but sounds lovely. The boys will also have a tuna tart but not so many herbs. Mediterranean tuna pepper and courgette tart Tuesda

Meal Plan Friday 6th September 2019

We are back from our holiday, we had the most amazing week on the Island of Porto Santo which is just stunning and we had so much fun. Now reality of school has kicked back in and back to the old routine again. Friday - Smoked mackerel salad with roasted new potatoes and beetroot. The boys will have fish goujons with mash and peas Saturday - Fajitas for the adults and the children will have quorn burgers with salad and cheese Sunday - Spag Bol for us all Monday - A dish from Ginos Healthy Italian of Baked Potatoes with broccoli and oozing Gorgonzola for the children beans and cheese Tuesday - This is a Mary Berry meal Cod with Tomatoes and Puy Lentils I will serve this with broccoli and Spinach. The boys will have mini fish pies. I found it in an book but this is the same. Mary Berrys super suppers Quick Haddock Tomato Puy Lentils Wednesday - Another Mary Berry dish Glazed Chicken with Cucumber Salad. I will do this for the boys with rice and a plainer salad Thursday -