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Meal Plan Saturday 30th July 2016

Sorry about the lack of meal plans for a couple of weeks, the end of term was like a whirlwind and then we went straight on our holiday. Now we are back to reality with a bit of a bump, it's the summer holidays and Mr MC&W is back working all day in London having both lunch and dinner away from home. Weaning ZAP has been slow and painful at times. I always want to be honest in my updates, he has been weaned on packets and pots finally he is accepting food and I am able to start cooking homemade meals from scratch. Saturday 30th July - Spaghetti Bol this was requested by OB the whole time he was on holiday Sunday 31st July - Roast chicken with roast potatoes and lots of veggies it my and the boys favourite Monday 1st August - I am trying the boys on a simple stir fry again I hope to have some left over chicken and I am trying them on whole grain rice. Let's see how that goes down Tuesday 2nd August- Tuna Fishcakes with lots of salad Wednesday 3rd aAugust - I am

Reality behind the photos

Mr Mc&W and I are sat with a huge glass of red wine looking at our photos of today and laughing. If we had posted them on Facebook our friends would have thought we had the perfect day out, but that was not the case...... We had decided to visit Peterbrough for the day, we were rather excited at the thought of a cathedral, I was very excited about lunch out and then there was a steam railway. On arrival, in fact on trying to enter the multi-storey car park we remembered the roof box was still attached to the car and had to preform a rather dodgy u turn in order to prevent being wedged under the barrier. We then found a rather interesting looking outdoor car park, complete with a fing and jeffing pensioner who could not work the NCP app. The cathedral was beautiful and we made the decision we would come back to admire it's full beauty later, this proved to be a mistake. Off we went to find the steam trains....  We walk under a rather old and spectacular iro

Meal Plan Saturday 9th July 2016

It's a rather busy week coming up and Mr MC&W is working from home. Meaning a bit more thought has had to go into the meals this week. Saturday - a huge plate of salad containing avocado, crispy bacon, blue cheese, loads of salad leaves and tomatoes with a sprinkling of honey and mustard dressing. It was meant to have roasted new potatoes, but I ran out of time,  so used the emergency crouton pack.... Every busy house needs one. The boys had the always popular fish and chips with peas. Sunday - roast chicken breast, roast potatoes and fine green beans for the boys. We had chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese left overs from last night it was then roasted on a bed of courgettes, red onions, mushrooms and tomatoes served with roast potatoes and spinach. Monday - pulled pork burgers with chips for us all. Not sure what the boys will make of this but it's worth a try. Tuesday - Fish and rice for the boys this will be oven roasted cod with plain rice and peas/sweet corn on th

Rescuing the Jasmine

It's proven to be very hard to keep up with the garden, three children and even harder to write about it. But I am rather determined to change this. Last year sadly Mr MC&W father passed away, in his memory we all chose to plant a Jasmine in our gardens, his mum, brother and ourselves. With everything we had going on our poor Jasmine had become rather neglected. Today I managed to get ZAP happily on a picnic blanket and the boys charging round on the trampoline. This gave me some time to tackle the area around the Jasmine.  As you can see it was really quite a mess, surrounded by weeds and had barely any light getting to it. It took a lot of work to dig and pull out the weeds and rather too many nettle stings up my arms.  When it came to getting close to the Jasmine I decided it better to use a small hand trowel as I did not want to disturbed the roots as the poor plant has had a tough old time already. I also cut quite a bit of my beautiful rambling rector back to allow more s

Meal Plan Saturday 2nd July 2016

Not sure where the time has gone this week and what has not helped has been a total lack of inspiration for meals. I have decided that I am going to blame this weather as I do not want winter food but it's not summer weather. Saturday - Family favourite Spag Bol Sunday - Gammon with honey and mustard served with roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli and spinach  Monday - Jacket Potato with ham and cheese Tuesday - Chicken Goujons with mash, broccoli and baked beans Wednesday - Homemade pizza with salad and maybe some cheeky chips  Thursday - Jo Pratt Madhouse - Gnocchi with broccoli and mushrooms Friday - Tortellini with homemade tomato sauce