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Dinner for Two - private Chef

Friday was Mr MC&W 40th Birthday and this brought a slight dilemma. How could I make this night special without going to a restaurant for dinner? Our eldest has type 1 and ASD which means it's nearly impossible for anyone to have him even for an hour or so. I had an idea and for once it was one of my better ones. What about getting a private chef to cook for us in our own home. We could have an amazing meal that we do not have to cook ourselves and look after OB at the same time. Win win all round. Luckily the MIL knew someone who was starting out doing private catering, he has even appeared on MasterChef setting the contestants a challenge. We talked a lot on email about Mr MC&W favourite food, using this information he came up with a special menu for us both. It was perfect we could have a meal that was full of food Mr MC&W loves and there are worries about OB getting sick. Below is our amazing meal. (sorry that the photos are not the best quality, we were rea

Meal Plan Saturday 15th October 2016

We have a very busy but fun filled weekend. Then the last week of school before half term. That means lots of school bits to do. I need to bake a cake which is worrying for everyone. Saturday - We are having Fahitas. The boys will eat at the brother in laws birthday party that we are all going to Sunday - We are eating out at the Royal Ashdown Hotel for lunch celebrating Mr MC&W birthday as he is 40 along with his identical twin brother Monday -  Spag Bol as we need to take pictures of OB cooking for school homework  Tuesday - Chicken Curry we love a Korma Wednesday - Gnocchi with a tomato sauce and garlic bread Thursday - Freezer Meal we have a manic day at school so need a meal I can just pop in the oven when we get home. Friday - it's the last day of term and again going to be busy so it will be Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese 

Meal Plan Saturday 8th October 2016

We are starting our hectic October this weekend with a friends birthday and ATM birthday party with his friends. Then on Friday Mr MC&W turns 40. Food this week is simple and quick as always Saturday - Fish and Chips - we will not get home till later so doing an easy to cook meal. Sunday - I brought a pulled pork burger kit from Tesco looks good and hope it tastes good. Boys will have pasta after a busy party day. Monday - Easy Cook Samosas I found this on netmums Easy Samosas Tuesday - A simple fish pie that I can prepare in the morning ready to pop in the oven after school. Wednesday - madhouse carbonara - I love this meal as do the boys. It's quick, simple and tasty Thursday -  Chilli will serve with tortilla chips not rice as the boys love using them as cutlery. Can pop it in the slow oven to cook and not think about it. Friday - Pizza is all I will say, as a huge surprise for Mr MC&W will be happening

Mint is trying to take over the garden

I  am trying to tidy the garden up. We are a bit tight for money this month and I want to plant lots of bulbs. Instead I am tidying and keeping busy, let's be honest the garden is a weed haven and a total mess so I have a lot to do. Clearing this border however I have made a very important discovery. That mint is trying to take over the world, one border at a time. Two years ago I planted out a very sad and mainly dead supermarket mint plant. I did not think it was going to survive or the consequences of my naive action. It did survive and it did grow and grow. I then cleared the border down that year and the next it came back stronger. This year it was at its finest. Now admittedly I did just let it grow. The children loved the smell as did I. They were picking it, making mud pies with it, it was a source of fun. Then the flowers came out and the bees and pollinators were in heaven the whole border was alive, I had to keep it. I have now dug it u