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July GYO update 2019

It has been a very busy month and to be honest I have taken my eye off the ball when it comes to the veggies. I have been busy with family life, kids  finishing school, teachers gifts, endless school presentations and meetings to attend. Mr MC&W job has been very busy. Lastly there is the rest of the garden, the hanging baskets and the new border along with three chickens and the front garden makeover. So there are all the excuses about why my veggies have been a bit of a failure. Beetroot have been totally eaten by voles I have had to pick and throw them away along with the  carrots, I did not properly thin so are growing too close together. The courgettes I again planted too close and they are going rather odd shapes and again have been thrown, but we do have more coming up so hoping fpr something better soon. The Swiss chard is growing well, thought its only the stems we can eat as the leaves are not good, I will report on the taste. The problem is it is rather s

Meal Plan Friday 26th July 2019

Well what a week we had, on Friday we arrived at Woburn Center parcs for a little start of the summer holidays break and it was our wedding anniversary. Then on Saturday Mr MC&W, OB and ZAP all got the worst sick bug, so our weekend turned into me nursing the three of them and OB has type 1 diabetes which on every other occasion he has had something like this we have ended up in hospital. With the help of our consultant we kept him out of hospital and we are all nearly recovered.  Now we have a heatwave and no one wants to eat anything. This week are meals that we all like and that are easy as I need easy meals at the moment. Friday - Smoked mackerel salad we could not have this last week so I have put it on for this week. Boys are having fish, beans and peas Saturday - Easy and everyone loves Spag Bol Sunday - This is one of my favourite meals French Style Chicken French style chicken with peas and bacon Monday - Quorn Burgers with choice of toppings Tuesday - Taco T

Simple water station for garden wildlife

We have planted our new border full of plants for pollinators and insects it slowly has become alive over the last month. I suddenly had a thought when the rain stopped and the sun came out we have no water in the garden. So I needed a plan, I want a wildlife pond but I am not sure where to put this for the best so I did some research and came up with the following. I brought a glazed plant saucer from the garden centre and a packet of plant topper stones. I brought the saucer as it is not too deep and it is glazed so the water will not seep out. I wanted not too deep as I have seen too many insects and bees drown in our children's water table. The stones where a good size to allow insects to take water and hopefully not drown. I found a spot in the middle of the flower bed which is not in full sun. So far what has been lovely is the birds are using it and I hope in time others will. It was under £10 to make and should add that extra important feat

Meal Plan Friday 12th July 2019

We are edging closer to the summer holidays. We only have 4 days left as a few inset days being taken. The children are exhausted and not in good moods so its going to be a challenging one for us all. We did not have the pulled chicken as we had a dominoes instead. The stuffed mushroom and the halloumi burger last week were lovely but the potato and cheese tart was not good. Meal plan Friday 5th July 2019 Friday - Family favourite Fish and Chips and Peas Saturday - BBQ Sunday-  The boys are being treated to a McDonald's and we are having a tesco finest dine in for £10 Monday - Beetroot and Smoked mackerel salad the boys have decided they adore mackerel so they will have a salad minus the beetroot. I have made up my own ideas for this and must write it up. Tuesday- Chinese style chicken,I have changed this a little to cook on the hob and use microwave rice which makes this a simple one pot meal Sticky chinese chicken traybake Wednesday - Pasta, Mozzarella, mint w

Meal Plan Friday 5th July 2019

We have had the most gorgeous sunshine for a week now and it has really lifted our spirits. The wedding was stunning. We could not face the chili yesterday so had a tuna salad. We have a few new meals this week and can not wait to see how they turn out. Friday - Spiced Halloumi and pineapple burgers. The boys hate halloumi so will have sqorn chicken style burgers with salad. Spiced halloumi pineapple burger zingy slaw Saturday - Mr MC&W is playing golf so spag bol which is easy to prepare and keep warm Sunday - Crunchy Pesto and mozzarella baked mushrooms with new potato's and salad. The boys will have jackets as they did not have this on Thursday. Crunchy pesto and mozzarella baked mushrooms Monday - I love Taleggio cheese well i love most cheese and this sounds lovely. I will use puff pastry and the boys will have tuna puff pastry tarts and salad Potato taleggio and spinach tart Tuesday - Tortellini with pesto and broccoli - The boys have a school play 6 - 8 s