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Meal Plan Saturday 25th June 2016

This weeks meal plan should be full of summer meals but it's just not feeling that way yet. ZAP does not like anything other than carrot so far which has been great fun. I think I am going to go onto foods that are a bit more exciting both the boys hated just butternut squash etc. I also remembered just how much I hate weaning. I have the Ella's kitchen book which is just lovely and a baby lead weaning book so hoping they may help me. As you can see I have not added his meals this week, it needs some more planning and maybe it's own blog!!!  Saturday- A Waitrose curry ready meal. Boys are having pizza and salad. Sunday -Mr MC&W and I are having a treat we love Charlie Bingham ready meals so it's a pie with ready made mash and veggies. Plus a bottle of our favourite wine. The boys are having fish and chips with peas. Monday - Jo Pratts Madhouse Carbonara made with mascarpone. Tuesday - Fish in sauce with rice and veggies. This will be a simple tom

Meal Plan Saturday 18th June 2016

The weeks are just flying by at the moment. Last weeks meal plan went ok, the cheesy broccoli, ham and pasta bake was great even though I changed the meal massively from that on BBC Good Food. I adored the Pea Pakoras the boys not so much,  we will give them another go. The toad in the hole was for Mr and Mrs MC&W tasty and for once I cooked it well, boys loved the Yorkshire puddings but sausages are still not going down to well. This week is very busy so we are having a few quick and easy or throw it in the oven and leave to cook meals. We also have baby ZAP beginning to wean so putting his first few tastes on the meal plan as well. Busy times ahead. I am using as I did with both the boys Annabel Karmels ideas to start with and then doing a combination of baby lead weaning. This dual way worked well with both OEP and ATM. This week it's all about a few first tastes as he has had a few days on baby rice now and it's time to move on a little. I will also be starting to

Type 1 Diabetes A Parents Feelings

We have had type 1 in our lives for 2 years and these years have been filled with many emotions and feelings, but the main ones have been confusion and worry. I shall clarify why these two words came to mind, let's start with confusion. This happened as soon as OB was diagnosed. It was the numbers people kept telling us, blood sugars readings, ketone readings, insulin dosages for long and short acting, working out food ratios. The main question we asked over and over again was "is that number good?" We simply had no idea what these numbers actually meant, they had no context. Then came leaving hospital. This is your meter to test bloods and remember to change the cartridge in the clicker and order more test strips. Here is your insulin long and short acting, can you remember how to change the cartridge and always check your giving the right one. Remember to order more insulin and keep it cold. Ketone meter you will need this if he is sick. You need a sharps bin, s

Meal Plan Saturday 11th June 2016

OB was taken into hospital last week with due to his type 1 which was a very scary time for us as a family, he is home now and much better and we also have a lovely piece of Gammon in the freezer. This meant we had curry on a Sunday night which was very enjoyable. This week we are trying some new food!! Not sure how it will go down but the boys are willing to try so let's see. Saturday - Mr & Mrs MC&W are having a chicken salad with crispy bacon, avocado and a honey and mustard dressing with garlic dough balls on the side. Boys are having chicken nuggets, chips with peas and sweetcorn. Sunday - We are out for the MIL 70th birthday lunch in a rather posh hotel, please wish me luck. Monday - Calzones and salad, not sure how I will make this one but there are a lot of ideas online. Tuesday - A Cheesey pasta, ham and Broccoli bake that I found on BBC Good Food Cheesey Ham and Broccoli Pasta Bake Wednesday - Pea Pakora Pockets I found these on BBC Good

Meal Plan Saturday 4th June 2016

This week has flown by, the lamb Ragu for Mr and Mrs MC&W was just lovely however, the boys did not like the look of it. They had an emergency freezer meal, but I managed to burn the chips then burn the chicken we putting new chips on. Not my finest culinary moment.  Boys are back to school but OB lunches are mainly sandwiches so do not need to worry about clashing foods. Saturday - Spag Bol OB has been asking for this meal all week and it's Mr MC&W special Sunday - roast gammon the boys both love gammon we will have it with roast potatoes and the normal trimmings Monday - Gnnocchi bake with a tomato sauce finished off in the oven with a sprinkling of mozzarella  Tuesday - I have two meetings one at 10.30 over in eastbourne then at 7pm at school meeting with all the reception mums and dads. This will be potato bake using up the gammon from Sunday. I can make one for myself and the boys and one for Mr MC&W to have when he has got the boys to sleep. Wednesday - Jacket Pot