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Meal Plan Friday 29th January 2021

Last week went well, we did not have the paneer curry as we had leftover beef so had a beef curry instead.  The weather is still pretty miserable and I have gone off cooking so meals are pretty simple at the moment. Friday - Fish goujons, chips, and peas for us all Saturday - Lasagna I have brought this in so it can just get put in the oven. Sunday - Roast Chicken with roast potatoes, carrots, and greens Monday - Mushroom Risotto  Tuesday - Smoked Mackeral Salad. The boys will have Quiche and salad. Wednesday - Katsu Chicken Wraps with wedges. Thursday - Pasta with a tomato and bacon sauce.

Meal Plan Friday 22nd January 2021

  We have some sunshine which is just lovely and managed to get a little bit of time in the garden. The bulbs I planted in Autumn are coming through which is just lovely. We had a couple of new meals last week one was a tofu rice dish which was lovely and definitely going to have it again.  Friday - Pizza and salad ala freezer Saturday - Peri Peri Chicken with chips, salad and coleslaw Sunday - Roast Beef we have not had a roast in ages thought this would be nice. Dessert will be this Olive magazine Bourbon biscuit brownies Monday - Chilli Salmon Noodles I found this one and it sounded really nice. The boys do not like spice so will have tuna fishcakes. BBBC good food Chilli salmon teriyaki noodles Tuesday - Chicken Kiev, new potatoes and greens Wednesday - Paneer Curry with rice and popadoms. This is the basic idea but no cardamon for us as I hate it. BBC good food Paneer korma Thursday - Gnocchi in a tomato sauce with pepperoni and served with salad and garlic bread.

Meal Plan Friday 15th January 2021

  Another week of homeschool has finished and we are still staying at home. This weather is not really helping our mood at the moment as here it is wet and miserable. I am counting the days till spring, but the days are getting longer which is nice to see. We have a week of more comfort food. We have a couple of ready meals this weekend as I am shattered and just did not want to think about food or cook. We do have a couple of new meals to try and not had Tofu for a long time so will be interesting to see how we like it. Friday - Charlie Bighmas ready meal curry. The boys are trying some cheese nuggets as sounds right up our street with salad and chips. Saturday - Spag Bol Sunday - Charlie Bigham Chicken in white wine. The boys are having mini roast dinner. Monday - Tuna Pasta bake for us all, a family favorite Tuesday - Chicken Arrabbiatab Bbc good food Baked chicken arrabiatta Wednesday - Veggie Rice Bowl Realfood Tesco Veggie rice bowl Thursday - Sausage and Fennel Casserole with ja

Bulb Planting a North Facing Border

This summer I was having great fun choosing bulbs for spring. I am looking at one border that we look right out onto, but it is north facing and does not get a huge amount of sunshine. I did a lot of investigation into bulbs I hope will work and give us some flowers in early to mid-spring. This is what I planted other than the daffodil and Narcissi all the flowers are good for pollinators which was a very important factor when I was looking into flowers. I have gone for white flowers as the area is not that light I am hoping they will stand out well.  Fritillaria meleagris Alba  Anemone White Splendour I got two sets of these by mistake. Galanthus Nivalis Single Scilla Siberica Alba Daffodil Actaea  Narcissi Jack Snipe  I have planted  Galanthus Nivalis Single before and they never flowered this is a bit of a plant and hope for the best.  This autumn I found myself having to plant them all. I was very pleased to have my kneeling pad, it took me about a weekend to plant them all. Althou

Meal Plan Friday 8th January 2020

This week is comfort food all week, the news is just heartbreaking, the kids are doing ok with homeschool but it is hard on us all. The weather is cold but beautiful. We are feeding the birds which means the garden is alive this helps us all. Friday - Fish, Chips, and peas ala freezer Saturday - Pizza and Salad again ala freezer Sunday - Toad in the hole with greens Monday - Found this new salmn dish I will use two salmon filets and add some lentils to the dish. The children will have salmon, mini roasts, and peas. Realfood from tesco Roasted salmon with beetroot and fennel Tuesday - This Mushroom tart looks lovely and we will have it with warm greens rather than salad. I found this pineapple and ham dish for the boys but will use puff pastry. Realfood Tesco Ham, cheese and pineapple twirls Jusrol Mushroom Dream Wednesday - I found this lovely sounding slow cooker chicken stragnoff to have a try with  Realfood tesco slow cooker chicken stroganoff Thursday - This will be a made up spicy

Meal Plan Friday 1st January 2021

  We have a new year and it seems like nothing is changing. The kids were meant to be going back to school but their primary has had to close which means we are back to homeschool and for how long we do not know. We are back to more normal food now as we managed to eat up all the gammon and turkey and had no food waste which was really good. Friday - Beef Pie, mash, and green veg the boys will have chicken pie. These are brought in Saturday - Canneloni for us with garlic bread and salad. The boys will have ravioli. Sunday - French Style Chicken BBC Good Food French style chicken peas bacon Monday - Risotto mushroom, I bake this in the oven Tuesday - Pasta, mozzarella and tomato sauce this is a very light dish BBC Good Food Pasta mozzarella mint fresh tomato sauce Wednesday - Chicken keiv, mini roasts, and greens Thursday - Thai Prawn and pineapple rice BBC Good Food Thai fried prawn pineapple rice