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Meal Plan Sunday 27th December 2020

  The meal plan is a little subject to change depending on what we have left and what has been used up. We have entered tier 4 on Boxing day and to be honest, I am trying to stick to my online shop only apart from a trip to our farm shop. So this week is a little boring but will be tasty and will limit any food waste. Sunday 27th December - Ham and Turkey Pie I do love this meal and will get some ready-made pastry in and make a white sauce to bring it all together Monday - Turkey Curry well you have to have one  Tuesday - Singapore Turkey Noodles with lots of veggies Wednesday - Fish in sauce with new potatoes and Greens Thursday - Nachos and Party food Friday - Beef Pies I will buy in with mash and lots of green veg Lunches will be lots of leftovers in the form of sandwiches, omelets, and pasta salads.

December Garden Review

The sun came out for the afternoon and I needed to get outside, I am avoiding doing anything on the borders at the moment. We have clay soil and any walking on them will compact the ground. I have a few weeds poking their heads up but it is not too bad. The main job was removing the molehills that have appeared again. I need to get the molebulbs on order as they worked last time really well. It is not a fun job as in winter you end up with very muddy gloves, cold and wet hands. The rest of the time was just observing. I do like to just wander around having time to think.  This is a small border I have never really done anything with. I have a leggy rosemary bush, one rescued lavender, a small oregano, and random bulbs that despite thinking I have removed them more pop up every year. It is such a pretty border it needs some attemtion. I think I am going to have to get rid of the rosemary but that's as far as my thought process has got. Lavender is featuring strongly in my plans but

Meal Plan Friday 18th December 2020

  Wow, it is Christmas week, the children and Mr. MC&W have all broken up form school and work. We are having a week of our favorite meals I always do this as it makes everyday feel like a treat. Friday - Ready meal for MrMC&W and me as a treat. The boys have requested cheesy pasta. Saturday - it is our youngest 5th birthday so Dominoes for us all. Sunday - Spag Bol for us all Monday - Fajitas as everyone loves them Tuesday - Scampi chips and peas the boys have fish fingers. Wednesday - Meatballs with spaghetti Thursday - Curry this is a traditional form Mr. MC&W house and we love it Friday - Roast Turkey with carrots in honey and orange juice, roasted potatoes, and parsnips, baby brussel sprouts with bacon and chestnuts, red cabbage with port and pears, and some broccoli and peas. Topped with a huge amount of gravy. Saturday - leftovers with baguettes

Meal Plan Friday 11th December 2020

 I am putting lunch down as well for the next couple of weeks as I like to be organized. We can easily change them around but I know we are fed lunch and dinner every day.  One more week left at school and we are so ready for the break. We will be watching a recording of our youngest nativity this week and another mum and I are planning to have bubbles and whats app each other as we watch it. Friday - Pizza and Salad for the boys, We are having a fish mornay I found on the Ocado app along with green veg and some potatoes. Saturday - Peri Peri Chicken with chips, coleslaw, and salad such a huge dinner but lovely. Boys have asked for nuggets, chips beans, and peas as they do not like the spice. Sunday - Lasagna I have got a massive one from M&S really good price and will feed us all. Monday - Take Out we have pre-ordered two burgers from a local restaurant as it is my birthday. Boys having tortellini. Lunch will be hoisin wraps again it is my birthday and I love hoisin. Tuesday - Cea

Meal Plan Friday 4th December 2020

  Good afternoon everyone, the tree is up we have lights twinkling outside, and it's cold. School even with covid is draining our bank account. Must be Christmas time.  Friday - Ham, Egg, and Chips Saturday - Chicken Curry ala Tesco Sunday - Sausages in giant Yorkshire puddings Monday - Chicken Burgers Tuesday - Smoked Mackeral salad with roasted potatoes and cooked beetroot. Wednesday - Sheppards Pie Jackets Shepherds pie Jackets Thursday - Pizza pasta bake - this is made up but think pasta passata with peppers, mushrooms mozzarella and pepperoni