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Meal Plan Friday 19th March 2021

The meal plan is a little late this week. I had my covid vaccine as I care for my eldest and it knocked me for six over the weekend. Though all is good now. Friday - Meatballs with spaghetti Saturday - Fish, Chips, and Peas for us all. My vaccine is today and I need easy food. Sunday - Pizza again just in case we need easy pop in the oven food. Monday - Pasta, Mushrooms, bacon and Pesto bbc good food Bacon mushroom pasta Tuesday - Slow Cooker Beef Carbonnade Delicious magazine Beef carbonnade Wednesday - Freezer fish with sauce, mash, and peas Thursday - Chicken (Quorn) mozzarella pesto parcels Bbc good food Chicken mozzarella pesto filo parcels

Meal Plan Friday 12th March 2021

Last week's meal plan went well, the fruity curry traybake was a massive success. The fishcakes were nice but a right pain to make. This week we have some more new meals to try. Friday - Saugages with caramlised onions in rolls. Vegaterian hot dogs for the boys Saturday - Mama Jerks Caribean Chicken. This is a small local company that supplies our farm shop and can not wait to try it. Boys will  have Tortellini Sunday - Mothers Day -  we have the MIL coming over so its a cook meal that can just go in the oven. I am not really looking forward to it as I have not seen my mum in over a year and counting now. Monday - Cod, Lentil and beetroot trybake. The boys will have Cod baked with mash and broccoli Real food tesco Tray bakes Tuesday - Caramliased Onion Gnocchi. The boys will have mac and cheese Gnocchi Real food tesco Caramelised onion gnocchi gratin Real food tesco Gnocchi mac-and-cheese Wednesday - Full English Traybake Real food tesco Full english traybake Thursday - Chicken Pas

Meal Plan Friday 5th March 2021

  I am so behind with the meal plan, the children are back at school and I am not sure whats happened. Friday - Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff for us the boys had that chicken Saturday - Chicken burgers and chips Sunday - Cola Gammon with roast potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. The boys love this and a treat before school Monday - Bacon and tomato pasta easy pasta as everyone will be tired Tuesday - Found this traybake and sounds lovely so will give it a go Delicious magazine fruity chicken curry traybake Wednesday - These fish cakes sound lovely if a little bit of a pain, I will be buying mash in as a cheat Delicious Melt in the middle-fishcakes Thursday - These looked interesting and will use up the bacon from Monday with salad Jusrol Croque monsieur parcels

Meal Plan Friday 26th February 2021

Wow, we are nearly in March have you noticed the days are getting longer and the sunshine has been so welcome. The last week of homeschool has started. This week is simple and food I know we like. Friday - Ravioli with salad and garlic bread. Nuggets, mash, beans, and peas for the boys. Saturday - Homemade Pizza for the boys. Charlie Bighmas Thai Curry for us Sunday - Homemade Chicken Pie with carrots, greens for us all. Monday - Sausage and pasta bake Tuesday - Breaded Fish, new potatoes, and greens. The boys will have fish cakes and salad Wednesday - Thai Style chicken noodles Thursday - Mushroom risotto for Mr. MC&W and myself the boys have Cheesy Risotto